Now it’s personal…Several of my loved ones have suffered seriously from the so-called ‘vaccines’

covid vaccine injury

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(LifeSiteNews) – We were thrilled five years ago when one of our son’s was admitted to one of our nation’s service academies. He took to the military discipline like a duck to water (his father had trained him well) and had a great first two years.

Then COVID hit, and with it interminable lockdowns, masking and social distancing — all of which we know now did little or nothing to stop the spread of the highly infectious disease. He and his classmates had to spend many weeks locked in their rooms, despite the fact that, since they were all young, healthy, and physically fit, they were at zero risk from COVID. One cadet even attempted suicide as a result of the enforced isolation.

Then came the vaccines, and with it the pressure to get vaccinated. The superintendent of the academy never said outright that vaccination was mandatory, but it was clear that he wanted everyone to receive a vaccine. No questions were allowed and applying for exemptions was discouraged. Unless nearly everyone complied, the cadets were told, graduation would be cancelled. Those who still refused were threatened with being held back a semester.

Even so, things were never as bad at our son’s academy as they were at West Point, where vaccination was presented as a matter of military discipline. There, vaccine resisters were told that they would be expelled for disobeying orders. The three female cadets who still refused – on the grounds that the jab might affect their ability to have children – were summarily sent packing. Not only that, but they were told would be required to pay back the cost of their education to the government, estimated at over $100,000 per year.

It was effectively a forced vaccination campaign at both schools, although of course the authorities didn’t have to use out-and-out physical coercion to enforce their will. They didn’t have to. The threat of expulsion or, in the case of my son’s academy, the loss of a semester, was enough to bring everyone into line.

My son took the first dose of the Moderna vaccine without incident. Following the second, however, he developed chest pains.  Fortunately, the pain subsided after a few days and as time passed he put his reaction to the vaccine out of his mind.

In early 2021 we did not yet know that myocarditis and pericarditis were among the adverse medical consequences caused by the vaccine.  Soccer players had not yet started dropping dead in the middle of play.

We also didn’t know that the effects of the jabs are cumulative, that is, that you are more likely to experience problems after the second jab than the first, and even more likely if you are so imprudent as to accept a so-called “booster.”

Then, following graduation, my son had to have a medical exam for a new assignment.  The EKG came back abnormal, showing that he had recently suffered “possible inferior myocardial or pericardial damage.” We are now in the process of finding a specialist to have him evaluated further.

I suppose you could say that my son was one of the lucky ones. He is still able to work and hold a job, although the question of how much damage his heart has suffered remains an open one.

  • Early this year the elderly uncle of one of my long-time employees developed transverse myelitis — an inflammation of the spinal column — after his Pfizer shot, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down.  The doctors had no idea how to treat his vaccine-related injury, and simply threw their hands up.  He is, I am happy to report, finally on the mend, but had to suffer through months of painful therapy.
  • In March one of our dearest friends suffered blood clots in his legs after receiving the vaccination and had to be hospitalized and placed on anti-clotting medication.
  • Two months later this man’s daughter also suffered a vaccine-related event. The young woman, who works as a Physician’s Assistant, was required as a condition of her employment with a major hospital chain to be vaccinated. She had a seizure upon receiving the Pfizer shot and collapsed. She was immediately put on a standard regimen of anti-seizure medication, but this has not resolved her vaccine-related injury. Today, six months later, she is still having three and four seizures a day, leaving her unable to care for her three children, the youngest of whom is only 9 months old.
  • Last month one of my wife’s prayer group died suddenly of a heart attack the day after she was vaccinated.

That’s four people just among those we know and love.

As for my son, he is going in for further tests with a cardiologist to determine exactly how much damage the jabs may have done to his heart.

It pains me to say it, but all of these survivors — including my son — have probably had their lifespans shortened and their fertility compromised by this politically driven medical madness. Certainly that’s the opinion of Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA therapy.

Anthony Fauci would scoff that these five cases are merely “anecdotal”, and they are.  But there is growing evidence that what happened within our own circle of family and friends is happening all across America.

Even the Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System shows that over 20,000 Americans have died after taking this experimental gene therapy.  Since VAERS captures only a fraction of deaths and injuries, the real number of deaths is undoubtedly in the hundreds of thousands.

The vaccines’ failure, in other words, is much, much worse than the CDC or the FDA will ever be willing to admit.  That’s why we need an independent tribunal to look into how the vaccines were developed, approved and marketed so that this unnecessary tragedy can be brought to a speedy conclusion.  And so it can never be allowed to happen again.

Steven W. Mosher is the President of the Population Research Institute and the author of  The Politically Incorrect Guide to Pandemics from Regnery Press (order here).


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