Online Event: The Christian Principle of Self Government, January 14th

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The Foundation for American Christian Education is pleased to announce  a lecture in a series of Lessons in Liberty

Gary Porter will present:

On Monday, January 14th in our classroom and live online, 7:00-8:30 pm EST, Can true liberty flourish without Christian self-government?

This principle concerns the all-important question, “How should man best be controlled?”

The Bible puts it this way: will we control ourselves or will we demand to be controlled by others (parents, employers, spouses, teachers, or civil governments)?

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As individuals, we all realize that we need to practice self-control, a fruit of the spirit.  As parents, we want to know what would be the best way to bring up and nurture our children, how to best control them, and how to teach them to control themselves. Church leadership struggles with how to restrain sin and encourage the doing of good. Businesses suffer when employees and customers do not practice self-restraint.

America’s Founders understood this principle well; they spoke often of the need for self-restraint, which they identified with “virtue,” as a necessary ingredient to successful government. Today, we still grapple with the question of what is the proper role of civil government in the control of man? It is an issue that affects us daily, in numerous and profound ways. Can true liberty flourish without Christian self-government?

Gary Porter is Executive Director of the Constitution Leadership Initiative, a program to promote a better understanding of the U.S. Constitution among the American people. Gary also serves as a volunteer docent at The Foundation for American Christian Education.

To register, go to A charge of $10 (individual or family) includes the live presentation, video-recorded session, and handouts.

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