Part III Day of Silence – The Devastation and The Lies

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Just a few days ago I received a call from a Massachusetts mother, weeping over her son.  She explained that her son became involved in homosexuality in high school after joining the school [endorsed?] gay club (Gay Straight Alliance).  When he went to college he took every ‘gender’ course they offered.  He is twenty two now and his mom said, “the schools destroyed him”.  She is so fearful that his life will be ended early by one of the many diseases associated with his homosexual behavior that her heart is broken.

The Mom explained that her son became involved in homosexuality in high school after joining a gay club (Gay Straight Alliance). When he went to college he took every “gender course” they offered. He is twenty-two now and his mom said, “the schools destroyed him!”

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On April 15th the schools in this country will once again be celebrating the Day of Silence. Why are schools allowing a behavior that shortens one’s life span by 20 years and opens the door to 30 health risks (CDC) to be celebrated in their schools? It is reckless and should be criminal for schools to promote such a behavior that is life threatening.

Some of the Health Risks Associated with Homosexual Behavior According to Centers for Disease Control

  • STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) – Syphilis, HPV (Human Papollomavirus),Hepatitis A,B, and C,HIV/AIDS.
  • Gay Bowel Syndrome – a stretched internal anal sphincter caused by repeated anal penetration which results in the inability to completely seal, thus allowing fecal seepage
  • Mental Health Problems – major depression, bipolar disorder and generalized anxiety disorder
  • Substance Abuse –higher rates of substance abuse among men who have sex with men
  • Life Expectancy – men who have sex with men lose up to 20 years of life expectancy

Women who have sex with women

  • have higher rates of obesity, smoking and stress which puts them at higher risk for heart disease
  • have higher risk for developing some cancers
  • less likely to have full term pregnancy

Again I ask, why are schools supporting such destructive behavior by allowing The Day of Silence which promotes homosexual behavior as normal and healthy?

Years ago sexual perversion pushers gained entry into the schools under the banner of “Safe Schools”. They came with curriculum guides, gay clubs, library books, videos, school assemblies, teacher workshops and the Day of Silence. They not only left behind a health hazard but a number of lies as well.

Top Majors Lies about Homosexuality Pawned off as Truth

  1. Homosexuals are born that way
  2. Homosexuals cannot change
  3. Thirty percent of teen suicides are homosexuals
  4. Ten percent of the population is homosexual
  5. It is dangerous to seek help for unwanted same-sex attraction
  6. Youth should be encouraged to celebrate their same-sex attraction
  7. The Bible does not condemn homosexuality
  8. Homosexuality is normal and healthy
  9. The findings of the American Psychiatric Association and the American Psychological Association are based on science and not politics

Action to Take on Day of Silence – Participate in the National Walkout

A coalition of pro-family organizations is once again urging parents to keep their children home from school on the Day of Silence. This is the only organized national effort to oppose any pro-homosexual activity or event in public schools.

Visit for complete information on opposing the Day of Silence

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Linda Wall
Linda Wall For almost forty years Linda has been doing missionary work in Virginia. Her assignments have taken her down many political avenues: the Virginia General Assembly, political campaigns, lobbyist, and candidate for Virginia House of Delegates. Linda was delivered from homosexuality by the power of Jesus Christ over thirty-five years ago. She is presently calling for The Church to stand for righteousness and against sexual perversion in this hour. To be the light and salt Christ commanded us to be.