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America Held Hostage by Open Border

Today, both major party candidates for President visited the US Mexico border. No matter what they saw during their hours at the border, both men know this truth: America is being invaded.  

Nearly 10,000,000 aliens have flooded our nation. They are not assimilating, they are not abiding by the law, and they will forever be a blight on our nation.

One man could stop this madness and stop it right now. He will not do it and history will judge Joe Biden harshly.

The other man tried to stop the invasions when he was president and was largely blocked by the swamp. Will he get another chance?

Our economy is teetering on the brink of collapse with too-high inflation and way too much debt (both parties bear responsibility). We have little trust in our institutions like our justice sytem, our schools and even our military.

Leaders at Georgetown University recently announced that they are openly plotting how to stop the next president by grabbing control of the military from the civilian oversight. They are joined by media and tech leaders who fear Trump because they know better than the people.

Wild times we live in. I feel like a hostage in an America that may slip away.

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Late last week, I was a guest on Dr. Michael Savage’s podcast. I admire him and enjoyed it immensely. Listen by clicking on the image below:


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