Schilling Show Host Prevails in Albemarle County Civil Rights Voting Suit


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Election Day Assault Comes with a Price

Charlottesville, VA August 4, 2022 — Radio host and founder, Rob Schilling today prevailed in settling his civil rights lawsuit against Albemarle County elections officials.

The settlement agreement between the parties follows Schilling’s claims of assault (as captured on video) and requires the Defendants to pay Mr. Schilling to resolve his claims of voter suppression/intimidation, assault, battery, and false imprisonment.

“Voting without a ‘mask’ was legal and proper,” said Schilling, “and this settlement shows that I was in the right.” Schilling continued, “The judge’s findings denying the Motion to Dismiss this lawsuit put Albemarle County and other jurisdictions on notice that they will pay for violating a citizen’s civil rights—in this case, the right to vote. My rights were clearly and wantonly infringed by overzealous and hostile Albemarle County elections officials.”

Attorney Matthew Hardin sees a legally significant victory in the Court’s ruling and subsequent settlement. “The decision in Rob’s case is now published, binding precedent for all litigants going forward,” Hardin said. “If a poll worker attempts to deny a citizen the right to vote based on specious or retaliatory motives, they will be held accountable.”

Schilling hopes the settlement agreement will serve as a shot-across-the-bow to wayward government officials statewide, putting them on notice that they may not take the law into their own hands.

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