SOCIETAL ROT, Part 2: In & Out Burger Restaurant a Casualty of Prosecutor’s Failures

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Second in a five-part series. Read part 1 here.

Societal rot is a choice.

The In-N-Out Burger chain was begun in California in 1948 in the Baldwin Park area of Los Angeles and has expanded to more than 400 eateries in eight states and 287 cities. Until March 24, the company had never closed a restaurant. 

However, on that day, the location in East Oakland shuttered because of “ongoing issues with crime,” according to Denny Warnick, the chief operating officer of In-N-Out.


Employees at the now-closed burger joint had to deal with “car break-ins, property damage, and armed robberies.”

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Did Pamela Price, the George Soros-funded Oakland County district attorney, fail to prosecute the thieves and armed robbers who repeatedly ravaged the In-N-Out Burger?


Was this an inexcusable policy choice on her part?


Can the former customers and employees of this restaurant, and others that have shuttered because of rampant lawlessness, fairly blame Price for her pro-criminal policies?


Is it common sense for an elected prosecutor to refuse to enforce the law?


Are the results of this rogue approach entirely predictable?

You bet. That’s why the voters are seeking to recall her. 

Societal rot is a choice. 

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