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Stephen_McDowellStephen McDowell

Providence Foundation

Charlottesville, VA

Stephen McDowell is co-founder of the Providence Foundation and President of its Biblical Worldview University. In 28 years of full time work with the Foundation, Stephen has trained people from 100 countries to apply Biblical truth in all spheres of life. He has traveled to 35 nations in six continents where he has consulted with government officials, assisted in writing political documents, advised political parties, and started Christian schools and Biblical worldview training centers. He has authored and co-authored over 20 books, videos, and training courses including Liberating the Nations and America’s Providential History. McDowell holds a master’s degree in geophysics, served for several years as a pastor, and has been an adjunct professor at Regent University. Stephen and his wife Beth live in Charlottesville, Virginia, and have four children and two grandchildren.


Interview on Fox TV: Stephen McDowell Appeared as Jefferson on Fox and Friends

Giving Thanks for our Godly Heritage  Whether it’s Thanksgiving, or Christmas, or Easter, or the 4th of July, or any time of the year, are we really truly thankful for the country that we live in today – or do we often take it for granted?

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Watchman on the Wall — For God and Country  After a series of programs about America’s Godly Heritage, we are left with a difficult question: “If America was at one time and perhaps still is considered to be a Christian nation, why we are in the throes of a moral meltdown — and immorality has become the new norm?”

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