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John 10:10 Project | Two Minute Wonder: Living Machine

the genius of these birds isn’t limited to flight. Each day, they must consume twice their body weight in nectar to fuel their voracious metabolisms. The incredible biological mechanisms that make this possible are masterpieces of engineering and design.

John 10:10 Project | Two Minute Wonder: Uplighting Story

Vivid examples are the parachutes on the puff ball of a dandelion. Recent discoveries by an international team of scientists have revealed how these miniature aircraft can—under optimal conditions—remain aloft for miles. The dandelion seed’s aeronautical design is more efficient than any man-made parachute.

Double-Feature Sunday | The Birds and the Bees

Our most recent John 10:10 Project videos have focused on the behaviors of two remarkable creatures that have the unmistakable qualities of design, purpose, and the creative brilliance of God written all over every cell in their bodies. Honeybees and hummingbirds

Our Mission to Steward the Earth

In order to “be fruitful and multiply” we must subdue or control the earth. We are to develop and produce more and better goods from the earth. This is part of the mission God gave to mankind from the beginning. We are also to replenish the natural resources. God created living things such that they reproduce and multiply, making it possible for us to replenish the earth.

Rainbows, the Flood, and the Covenant

After the Flood, Noah and all the Ark’s human and animal passengers disembarked. Then God made the Noahic Covenant. Then, as the historical account reads, God provided a sign for His covenant with Noah’s family and all living creatures—the rainbow:

The Creation of Man

Each living organism on earth was divinely planned and woven into the most remarkable fabric of creation, a living tapestry of God’s artwork. Every detail, carefully and methodically executed by the wisdom of God, for a creation without wisdom would be chaos.

But the universe is far from that. It is intelligently designed by His hand. Each star and speck of dust moved into place, every planet in our solar system carefully aligned, and the earth delicately cloaked in a firmament of water and oxygen, a biosphere capable of sustaining all life.