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The True “Social Justice Warrior”

Every Christian should desire, pray for, and work toward what is right in God’s eyes. That will result in a biblical justice that, while it might not please the world, will always please the King of kings. 
One could say that the true “social justice warrior,” biblically speaking, is the Christian man or woman who promotes God’s righteousness in society.

Man’s Purpose

This article starts the new series mentioned last time. The plan is reviewing ten principles underlying Biblical based societies—like America. That plan may vary a…

The Rest of the Story

Why the Lies? looked at some differences in tone, vision, and content between the two recent political conventions. The first event was primarily lecturing and…

Why the Lies?

Both political conventions are over. They presented a stark contrast in both tone and vision. The first was at times fearful, intimidating, divisive, and deceptive….

Erasing History

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