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Governor-elect Youngkin  recently announced he would not stop local governments imposing mandates.[1] I want all of our leaders to be successful. This article is written with that in mind.


Success requires at least two things. First, knowing and expressing what is true and right. Second, simply following through on that knowledge by one’s actions. Biblical principles form American society’s foundation. Service to others rather than self-interest provide leadership’s basis. These principles are easy enough to find. Below are a few of them.

All power comes from God. He’s granted power to us as individuals through our inherent natural rights. He also granted governance and religious powers to man. The first when man rejected his original relationship with God in the garden (Gen. 3). The second when he rejected God’s kingship (1 Sam. 8).

God provided the Israelites a simple model for governing themselves. Choose wise and discerning and experienced from your tribes and I will appoint them as your heads. (Deut. 1:13) God governed; man judged when someone violated His governance. However, the final judgement is always God’s. Judges were not to show partiality to either; the rich or poor (Deut. 1:17), or foreigner, widow, or fatherless (Zech. 7:9-10). By administering impartial justice, the judges served their people, and in turn served God.

The principles underlying judgment can be found in Matthew 7. First, in everything, therefore, treat people the same way you want them to treat you. (Matt. 7:12) Second, to hear Christ’s words and act upon them. (Matt. 7:24). Summarizing, man’s success comes from knowing and doing as God’s commanded, and our choosing to stand with Him. Then discerning whether our actions are true and right—whether we are doing good.

Promises Made

From his campaign site, governor-elect Youngkin committed to creating “better paying jobs, the best schools, the safest communities, and a government that works for you.” In addition, he committed to defending law enforce, ending human trafficking, and rescuing our failing mental health systems. All while protecting our constitutional rights. Natural rights coming from God. All laudable goals. He further stated achieving these goals would take a new kind of leader.[2] I completely agree.

September 1 revealed a ‘Day One Game Plan’ that promised “never to return the commonwealth to COVID-19 lockdowns and vowed to ban critical race theory (CRT) in Virginia schools.”[3] Stopping vaccine mandates for the virus was added later.[4]

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But has the governor-elect begun to back away? Only two weeks after the election, he announced “he will not try to stop localities form imposing COVID-19 vaccine or mask mandates on state residents.”[5] If one believes something is wrong, then why would you allow another to do it in your place?

Why It Matters

Many things in life are either right or not. Related to the virus, we know;

  • Masks and lockdowns don’t work and actually harm people physically, emotionally, mentally, and economically.[6]
  • The China virus survival rate for those under 70 years of age is over 99.8%. This survival rate is greater than for many past flus.
  • Safe and effective therapeutics already existed for treating the virus, but were denied use.
  • Adverse reactions and subsequent illness after taking the new experimental drugs indicate they are neither safe nor effective.
  • Mandates are not law. They are unlawful, immoral, and illegitimate in a free society.[7] Many of the recent shot mandates are currently being overturned in court.

Mandates requiring an action, such as getting the shot, whether to keep one’s job, travel, buy goods/services, etc. are just a form of lockdown. A loss of freedom by taking another’s rights. Additionally, some parties pushing the new experimental drugs are being investigated for crimes against humanity.[8] His recent statement does not square up with Mr. Youngkin’s earlier ones about keeping Virginia open for business nor creating a government that works for the people.

It’s still early. I’m hoping Mr. Youngkin’s actions will rise to the level of his rhetoric. That he’ll be a new kind of leader rather than just another politician. Time will tell.

Relevance to Today

Time is short. As a people, we no longer have the luxury of carrying ineffective leaders. We are living in the days of Daniel 3. Like Nebuchadnezzar’s golden statue, the shots have become a government made idol, intended to coerce the people to bend their knee to its false god.

It is time to speak clearly. All government worship is Baal worship. Just like Daniel 3:15-8, we each much choose—and there are only two sides. Those who take their place with God promote freedom and will be preserved.


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