The Daily Skirmish – Diversity Narrative Fall Down and Go Boom

Psychotherapist Nathaniel Branden wrote books arguing that competence – the ability to do things well – is the indispensable key to good mental health.  If all you know how to do is hold a participation trophy, not only are you being robbed of a full human experience, you are on the road to mental illness, no matter what identity group the Left wants to put you in. 

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The ‘Enslave the Planet’ Cult, Guess Who’s in It?

Those gathering at this meeting are among the ones deciding just how the rest of us are going to live our lives, what rights we’ll have (regardless of local constitutions) and how the world will be run. Can you guess which sheep in wolves’ clothing are on the invitation list?

WEF Globalists: Davos: War, Economic Collapse, New Virus and the Four Horsemen

the stakes are higher because more of us regular folks are waking up and learning about the true agenda of the WEF’s Great Reset and Fourth Industrial Revolution. They intend to digitally enslave the world in a total surveillance state based on a global digital ID (likely disguised as vaccine passports) and a global digital currency to replace cash.

Are You Ready for Forced Medical Interventions?

The IHR amendments grant dictatorial powers to the WHO director-general and unelected regional directors. The WHO’s “recommendations” will be legally binding by all member states, and will supersede all national and state laws, including the U.S. Constitution