The Daily Skirmish – War on Parents: The Left Calls Out the Big Guns


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The Left has called out the big guns in the War on Parents.  For those concerned about the early sexualization of children, there’s a lot more to worry about than just the small arms fire of individual school boards and teachers.  It’s time to pay attention to the infrastructure and institutionalized support networks behind them.

The biggest child abuser of them all just may be the state of California.  The state has been moving for the early release of inmates to reduce the prison population for the last five years. 

The result has been more than 7,000 sex offenders convicted of “lewd or lascivious acts” with children under 14 being released in the same year they were convicted.  Those released early include kidnappers and rapists.

California is closely followed by Planned Parenthood whose sex education director has claimed babies are sexual from birth and children should be given pornography.  Planned Parenthood propaganda proclaims “sexuality is a part of life through all the ages and stages.”  If pornography is taught in the classroom, some kids will want to watch it and that’s a good thing, the director says.  This from a guy who wants to start sex education in kindergarten. 

Big Philanthropy is not far behind. 

The Walton family and their Walmart Foundation have given millions of dollars for LGBTQ-related causes, including drag queen story hours and drag shows for children.  Their money also funded a kid zone at a gay pride festival and a nearby ‘Sensory Zone’ targeting autistic children. 

Why autistic children? 

Because they have trouble grasping gender concepts, making them perfect fodder for the transgender-industrial complex. 

The American Library Association is another big gun. 

The ALA views any attempt to keep pornography out of the hands of children as ‘censorship’.  It works with well-funded LGBT pressure groups to train librarians how to thwart the efforts of parents and public officials to fight pornography in public libraries and how to disarm the media. 

Hostility to religion is on full display.  Demonization of parents is a go-to technique.  So are shutting up parents at library board meetings and making them jump through hoops to challenge particular books. 

The purpose of libraries pushing pornography is to “change lives” and soften kids up for acceptance of the gay political agenda.  Librarians relabel pornography as ‘diverse materials’ and deflect criticism by saying libraries just put books out there and it’s up to parents to monitor what their kids are reading.  But the ALA’s actions go way beyond that, feverishly collaborating with left-wing groups to oppose parental oversight boards and other parental rights measures in state legislatures around the country. 

In essence, what public libraries are demanding is for taxpayers to continue to fund them, but for the public not to have any say in what materials are placed on their shelves.  That’s crazy. 

The early sexualization of children is metastasizing and institutionalizing, with further examples of TV ads featuring teddy bears in bondage attire, a doll company telling kids how to get puberty blockers without their parents knowing, and hospitals offering sex toys to minors. 

I’ve documented in previous commentaries how the early sexualization of children is a communist technique intended to destroy society.  I’ve also mentioned no society has survived the loosening of its sexual mores. 

If you support the gay rights groups and others I’ve mentioned here today in their attempts to sexualize children early, understand you are being manipulated by the professional political Left every step of the way.  Understand also you are playing with fire, and it will burn your house down.  Let’s leave adult activities to the adults, OK?

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