The Transgender Administrative State

the invastion of the transgenderism movement includes creation of a class of transgender commissars throughout the alphabet soup of government agencies, complete with boards and multilayered organizational charts. 

No More Natural Affection

There can be no greater “natural affection” than that of a mother for her child. But millions have been deceived into believing that the baby within is a thing that is to be gotten rid of from within their bodies,

Why PRIDE MONTH is DEADLY | Guest: Dave Bowen

Why is Pride Month in truth deadly to both individuals and society? Find out with guest Pastor Dave Bowen along with hosts Tim Moore and Nathan Jones of the Lamb & Lion Ministries evangelism team as they provide their Prophetic Perspectives (316).

Why the Left is Losing the Transgender Debate

Leftists embraced the furthest extreme of the sexual identity politics movement, splitting the Democrats and even dividing feminists and the gay rights movement, but most importantly they exposed themselves as not the advocates of victims, but the ones who are hurting them.

The Greatest Theft in History – Jan Markell

Our Romans 1 culture celebrates this and as Christians, we must respond with grace, love, and kindness to every person trapped in the deadly blindness of the LGBTQ lifestyle. But, many once-solid churches and denominations are going along to get along and will not speak out about the biblical warnings. Jesus represented grace and truth.