The AI-Alien Connection

It becomes more obvious by the day: AI is in the process of invading the world. Artificial intelligence has so quickly taken over in daily doings that it…

L.A. Marzulli: UFO Disclosure is Imminent

For the past 12 years L.A.has explored the secrets of the supernatural. From his search for the biblical Nephilim, to UFO abductions and even the strange secrets of unexplainable Crop Circle formations. These are all dark subjects, Satan’s area of specialty, but subjects that confirm there is a real Satan and minions who do his bidding.

Dimensional Deceivers

Jesus’ first Words in giving prophetic signs to look for in anticipation of His Second Coming were a caution that we should be careful not to be deceived. I believe this is deception of the first order

VIDEO: The Infrastructure of the Antichrist

Jan Markell features Pastor Billy Crone for Part 1 & 2 as we watch the infrastructure of the Antichrist being built. The mindset of every global leader, starting with Klaus Schwab, is the New World Order.

Jesus Came. What Next?

If you are reading this because millions of people have suddenly and mysteriously disappeared, then you are looking for answers to what has happened, why it has happened, and what will be happening next.

Satan’s Prepping Continues

The devil observably has his collars and chain around the necks of the dogs of government, military, economy, science, entertainment, and especially religionists.

Rethinking the Lie

I will ask you to indulge me just a bit while I think on the great lie that is prophesied for the time of Tribulation….