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Official U.S. Air Force Artist Rendering of the Northrop Grumman B-21 Heavy Bomber. . As a work of the U.S. federal government, the image or file is in the public domain in the United States.

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While the Biden administration is busy chasing imaginary “semi-fascist” unicorns, national security concerns continue to grow.

The Secretary of the Air Force warned China is investing in military capabilities to knock out U.S. defenses, specifically, our satellites, aircraft carriers, airfields, and communications systems.  The nominee to lead the Space Force told Congress China has weapons that can disrupt or destroy our satellites in all orbits.  There are reports China has restarted mass production of destroyers to counter the U.S. Navy.  China is also spending heavily on intelligence-gathering efforts, including buying farmland near U.S. military bases to watch what goes on there. 

There are fresh warnings China continues to expand its nuclear arsenal with, among other things, a new nuclear test site in Xinjiang province.  China’s nuclear build-up is a familiar story to anyone paying attention to national security news.  Less well-known are China’s build-up of conventional armed missiles and its advances in quantum computing

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China is not the only emerging threat to our security. 

A Republican congressional report criticized Joe Biden’s chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan a year ago for emboldening America’s enemies and for once again making Afghanistan a “safe haven for terrorists who want to attack the United States.” 

National security experts fear the U.S. is not moving quickly enough to meet these threats.  One expert warned U.S. military aid to Ukraine is depleting U.S. weapons stockpiles with no clear plan in place to replenish the weapons or the personnel to use them, now that the Pentagon’s ‘Woke’ policies have caused recruiting to fall 25 percent short of its goal. 

Other warnings have come in recently about a pilot shortage in the Air Force, rust and other indicia of inadequate maintenance of our naval fleet, a lack of repairs taking submarines out of commission, and a lack of resources and mission focus hampering our ability to deal with expanding espionage threats.

One bright spot in all this is the Air Force’s new B-21 Raider stealth bomber that is giving Russia and China pause.  A hundred or more will roll out in the next 20 years or so, eventually replacing the B-52 which has been serving our strategic fleet since the 1950s and the previous stealth bomber which was developed in the 1990s.  The first flight of the Raider is expected in 2023.

This bright spot aside, the national security picture remains dismal.  But you can help by talking to your elected representatives about national security concerns.  Show them these concerns are important to you and should have more mindshare in what your representatives do.  Insist that they work to change the focus of the federal government, which is busy going after ordinary parents who speak up at school board meetings and cooking up phony domestic terrorism cases, just so FBI supervisors can get promotions and raises.  Work with your representatives to bring the focus back to things that are truly important, like our declining national security posture.  It’s your country.  Republics don’t maintain themselves.  Time to step up. 

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