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It’s amazing how fast I’m back to this subject.  But the stories about crazy leftists keep piling up. 

This week, a Disney actor called Senator Tom Cotton an ‘f***ing white slaver piece of s***’ for Cotton’s questioning of Ketanji Brown Jackson.  So much for civil discourse.

AOC recently blamed oil companies for the kidnapping, rape, and murder of Native American women across the U.S.   Wild accusations are easy to make; now let’s see you prove them.  Did you know that watching AOC on TV causes tooth decay?

A Democrat congressman from New Jersey said people who talk about parental rights are just the crazy fringe, want to ban books, seeking power, support gun violence, and a distraction from fighting climate change.  He forgot ‘racists’ and ‘white supremacists’, but that’s OK, they were filled in by a leftist sex education guru who advocates ‘porn literacy’ for children.  Johnny and Jane can’t read, but they sure know how to gawk at pictures, thanks to people like him. 

Racists and white supremacists, huh?  Only being able to see your opponents as cartoon characters and caricatures is what you get for believing your own propaganda.  That’s why Kamala Harris can’t tell the difference between Republicans wanting voter ID laws today and the state troopers who attacked black protesters in Selma in the 1960s.  And Pramila Jayapal thinks voter ID requirements are the same as Putin invading Ukraine.  How crazy is that?

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Nancy Pelosi claimed Joe Biden has reduced the national debt by a trillion dollars.  Actually, the debt has gone up two-and-a-half trillion dollars since Biden took office. 

Not being able to accurately perceive reality is a sign of mental illness. 

When they put her in the loony bin, Pete Buttigieg will be in the padded cell next to her.  He claims increased government spending reduces the national debt.  How does that work?

Another leftist with no grasp of economic realities is Rashida Tlaib who thinks there is no real inflation, it’s just the evil corporations jacking up prices and extorting people.  Gee, why didn’t the evil corporations think of that BEFORE Joe Biden became President? 

Did you know that freedom is just a white thing?  That’s according to an editorial in the Washington Post which claimed the Canadian truckers were just white supremacists and their belief in freedom is “a key component of White supremacy.”  So the slaves didn’t want to be free?  I wonder what Frederick Douglass and Booker T. Washington would have thought about that?  So much for the huddled masses yearning to breathe free.  I’m going to start a national campaign to paint the Statue of Liberty white because only white people want to be free.

Then there’s the abortion crowd who are going completely bonkers at the prospect of Roe v. Wade being overturned.  They’re now claiming that all babies who might be born in poverty should be killed in abortions even though their parents might win the lottery the next day.  They also claim killing babies in abortions is pro-child.  That’s how warped these people have become.  Don’t expect any rational thinking out of them any time soon.

Unhinged leftists would be amusing, if they weren’t so violent.  A teacher in Texas said conservative Christians all need to get COVID and die.  A CNN analyst was so mad at the Canadian truckers, she urged people to slash their tires and empty their gas tanks.  Another Disney miscreant, ESPN, celebrated a cop-killer character in an HBO show. 

If you’re having violent thoughts like these, I suggest you seek professional help – you are going off the rails.  And, if you find yourself in sympathy with any of the crazy Leftists I’ve discussed here today, stop and ask yourself:  Why would you want to hang around with these people?  They’re nuts.

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