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The Pentagon just instituted mandatory transgender training for all Army personnel.  Soldiers are being schooled in transgender pronouns and officers are being trained to be on the lookout for soldiers to whom they should be offering gender transition surgery. 

This is pure communism. 

How do I know?  Because transgender activists themselves have told us so, on video.  There’s a video on YouTube with four trans activists saying, among other things.  “Trans liberation calls for communist revolution.” 
In the video, they discuss ways to bring about a “communist society” to benefit trans people.  Revolution would “require the abolition of society as it currently is.  When we demand that society be arranged in certain ways, this is part of the project.”  There you have it, in-your-face Hegelian dialectical negation in spades, and proof that transgenderism is at root communism.  It couldn’t be any clearer. 

The Pentagon threw former Space Force commander Matthew Lohmeier out of the military for writing a book calling out the Pentagon for going communist.  In the book, he describes how communist countries extract false confessions from POWs.  The results are self-loathing and paralysis from being conflicted.  Uttering a false confession sets up an internal struggle whereby you conquer yourself – you beat yourself in your own mind.  (p. 87-88)

The Pentagon is essentially treating the entire military as POWs. 

The Pentagon is using the communist technique of extracting false confessions from them.  The Pentagon had already been demanding white soldiers confess their so-called ‘white privilege’.  Now it’s demanding they confess they are not biological males or females, but their gender is just a construct they can change on a whim.   
The mandatory transgender training uses the language of the Left – ‘people are assigned male or female at birth’ – with the implication that gender is not a biological reality but is just all in their head and it doesn’t have to stay that way.  This is patently false and, as a policy analyst observed, arguably the vast majority of people in the military do not agree, but the Pentagon demands they utter a false confession.   You can have the surgery and take the drugs the rest of your life, you can jump through all those hoops and pretend, but you will never change biological reality. 
I’ve said often there will always be transgender people and nobody should hate them or wish them harm.  But that doesn’t mean I want them in control of public policy or the Pentagon. 
In other Woke Pentagon news lately, experts again warned the Pentagon’s dalliances with climate change and diversity are undermining the military’s ability to wage war.  A military family echoed the warning, saying the U.S. military will get smashed by any country that focuses on winning wars instead of electric vehicles and sensitivity training. 
The National Defense University hosted a lecture making the case for ‘global justice’ and ‘democratic socialism’ and saying we cannot meet the challenge of China unless we adopt ecological and post-colonial socialism.  Karl Marx would be proud. 
Marines are saying privately the military’s COVID vaccine mandate is crushing military readiness and, is in reality, a political purge. 

Personnel who requested religious exemptions are being denied and booted out. 

The message: people with strong religious convictions need not apply.
Finally, the Pentagon is still chasing after supposed white supremacy and extremism in the ranks in the false belief there are zillions of Timothy McVeigh’s out there just waiting to be discovered.  Despite all the effort the Pentagon is pouring into this, the number identified remains miniscule, according to the military’s own data. 
The Pentagon is no longer a military, but is instead chasing after phantoms and ideological unicorns found only in the putrid imagination of Karl Marx.  Let us hope a future administration will stop the insanity and right the ship before the Vladimir Putins of the world get the wrong idea about us.

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