The Daily Skirmish – The ‘Laptop from Hell’ Burns Our Devilish Elites


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The pretend-media buried the Hunter Biden laptop story before the 2020 election.  Poll results now show almost half of Americans believe Trump would have been re-elected if the media hadn’t suppressed the story.  Among media sources guilty of hiding the story were CNN’s Brian Stelter, other CNN analysts, Twitter, Facebook, and MSNBC.

They parroted the line concocted by complicit Left-wing swamp creatures from the nation’s intelligence agencies who claimed the story was just “Russian disinformation” when they had no basis for saying so.  Fifty-one former intelligence officials signed a public letter to that effect in the month before the election.  Joe Biden relied on this letter in repeating the phony ‘Russian disinformation’ narrative in a presidential debate before the election.  The Biden administration has continued to push this line ever since.  NBC and the Washington Post were among many media outlets repeating the lie.  [more here]

But just recently, the New York Times admitted email evidence from Hunter’s laptop is real, not Russian disinformation.  The Washington Post has authenticated thousands of emails from the laptop giving the gory details about Hunter Biden’s influence peddling schemes in Ukraine and China.  The Washington Post story described how Hunter Biden and his uncle were paid almost $5 million by an energy company linked to the Chinese government.  The Post commented these facts “illustrate the ways in which his family profited from relationships built over Joe Biden’s decades in public service.”  CBS now also admits the scandal is real. 

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So where are the apologies for deliberately misleading the American public?  No apologies were forthcoming from the media which now has egg all over its face.  And no apologies have been issued by the swamp creatures from the intelligence agencies.  Most are not talking, understandably, and some are doubling down.  A former CIA agent isn’t sorry in the least.  He bragged about it on Twitter:  “I take personal pride in personally swinging the election away from Trump.  You’re welcome.” The Assistant FBI director of cybersecurity claims he doesn’t know where the laptop is. 

You may not know where it is, Mr. G-Man, but the laptop is real and the scandal is real.  Hunter Biden’s problems are just beginning.  Prosecutors are looking into his activities and some people believe he is close to indictment.  More on the extent of the Biden family corruption on another day, but we now see how the Left stacks its numerous capabilities on top of one another to keep scandals from breaking out and to put the American people to sleep with soothing phony narratives like ‘oh, that’s just Russian disinformation’. 

Congressman Jim Jordan said, “the mainstream press, along with Big Tech and Democrats, all colluded to keep this important information from the American people just days before our most important election, the presidential election.”  That about sums it up.  Had enough from our arrogant elites, yet?  Or are you going to let them trick you into voting for this level of corruption again?   And if you like all these tricks because it means your side wins, there’s a special place in hell for you.

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