The Daily Skirmish – The White House Goes Full Pravda

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I’ve often said the rise of the authoritarian Left is the greatest challenge of our time.  You can see the truth of that statement in the way the Biden administration is trying to shut people up and snuff out competing points of view.

A reporter tried to ask the White House press secretary about favored media outlets being invited to special White House press events while others are shut out and blacklisted.  His microphone was cut off halfway through his question.

A recent executive order threatens consequences for any public school official who merely questions a child’s desire for gender-transitioning drugs and surgery.  Can’t have the new orthodoxy disrupted, you see. 

White House climate advisor Gina McCarthy urged social media companies to “really jump in” and stamp out misinformation pointing out the inflationary costs and unreliability of green energy sources.  Can’t have the magnificent green energy transition disrupted, you see. 

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McCarthy’s urgings are part of a larger administration effort to work with climate activists and Democrat-controlled congressional committees to silence political opponents.  The White House is recruiting activists and academics to discredit dissenters on climate change.  Open records requests have been filed to find out just how far the speech suppression efforts go.

It’s been widely reported the DHS Disinformation Governance Board is merely paused, not shut down.  Getting less attention is a new White House Task Force headed by Kamala Harris targeting supposed online harassment, abuse, and disinformation.  The Task Force is in the business of policing online speech that offends the administration.  You can dress this up any way you want, but it’s still censorship.  Get your Stalin on, baby. 

So what we have here is a government that seeks to take people’s free speech rights away.  This is just the opposite of what government is supposed to do.  Government is supposed to protect our rights, not take them away from us.  [See the Instant Graduate Degree in Political Science]

As for free speech rights, you have the right to be wrong about climate change or anything else.  The answer to erroneous speech is not government censorship; it’s more speech.  If you think the green energy transition will lead to nirvana, make your case, don’t shut me up. 

I guarantee you do not want to live in a world where the government decides what is true and disallows speech it deems to be false.  You should listen to the survivors of communism in my speakers bureau who will tell you it is truly awful to live in a country where you have to whisper what you really think on street corners and agree in advance with the person with whom you are speaking you will tell the authorities you were only talking about football if you are questioned about what the two of you said to each other. 

So here’s my message to everybody, the Biden administration included: The more you try to shut me up, the more I’m going to scream and I’ve got the trial attorney experience to do it.  If you want to silence me, you will have to pry this microphone from my cold, dead fingers.  Climate change is a hoax and transgenderism is communism.  There, I said it.  Come and get me.

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