The New Jihad, Part I

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The last article discussed confusion within the Christian community, and society in general. I assert there is purpose behind the confusion. We are seeing the rise of a new religion. One that is actually quite old; standing against everything oriented toward God. This article investigates the current assault on truth. The next, some of the underlying efforts at change.

Truth is an essential element for any relationship, including society. Today truth is under assault by forces attempting to transform America’s society. To combat these forces, we must first understand what’s being manipulated, how, and the goal. Once we know, we can act. Several targets of opportunity presented themselves in 2020. These opportunities are being used to further their efforts.

We see evidence in our coronavirus response, this year’s election results, and the global warming push. This article addresses the first two items.

The Virus

Regarding the virus, the information has been cooked as much as this year’s election results. But I don’t want you to just take my word for it. The evidence comes from government sources, which you can access—at least until they take it down. One America News also recently did a brief documentary on some of the same facts.[1] I saw more detailed information on the virus back in August, but foolishly did not download the data or make a copy of the page. That content has since been removed.

Its Deaths

As of November 22, the CDC reported 255,076 covid deaths in America. However, some states include everyone treated or testing positive for covid within a given time period prior to death, regardless of whether covid was a factor in their death. For example, there are about 7,000 suicides and accidental deaths included in the above figure. Healthcare providers receive an incentive. They’re given an extra 20% reimbursement when reporting covid related deaths.

A few contributing causes included in the above deaths are:

Cardiac related deaths










Other circulatory diseases


That’s over 200,000 of the 228,033 deaths listed in this table. This is not surprising as according to the CDC’s own statistics only 6% (less than 14,000) of the listed deaths are due to covid alone.[2] Yes, the books have been cooked.

In fact, the covid survival rate by age group using the CDC’s own figures are;[3]

  0 – 19


20 – 49


50 – 69


But I bet you haven’t heard those statistics from our healthcare providers or government officials. Why?

Covid Treatment

But it doesn’t end there. Effective covid treatment exists if administered early. The OAN documentary includes patient and doctor testimonies on them. But we can also look to Africa, an area far less impacted than elsewhere. Today’s so called science can’t explain it. But hydroxy-chloroquine is used prophylactically for treating malaria.  Take Uganda. Its population is 45.7 million. To date, it has had only 172 covid deaths, while doing no social distancing or economic shutdowns. That equates to less than 2,000 deaths in a population the size of America’s. And Uganda’s covid test results approaches that of Spain. So why are we doing things differently?

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The concerns expressed about hydroxy-chloroquine’s safety are unfounded.[4] Hydroxy-chloroquine is safe. It’s been around since 1955. Healthcare providers issued over 1 billion prescriptions each year world-wide. Until this year, that is. Why the change? Some healthcare officials estimate 150,000 or more U.S. covid deaths were avoidable with early treatment.[5] These deaths are on the hands of our state and healthcare officials. They turned their backs on those they were to serve.

NIH Guidelines

A portion of America’s National Institutes of Health (NIH) treatment guidelines[6] is shown below.

Prophylactics only work if administered early. But the above guidelines do not start treatment until someone is in the hospital and to the point where their breathing requires being given oxygen. This is way too late to be useful in many cases. Why this treatment approach when others are more effective? Why are our ‘scientists’ ignoring science? We can see the results of these decisions from the CDC’s own data once again. Deaths by location include;[7]

Healthcare setting, inpatient


Healthcare setting, ER or outpatient


Nursing home, L.T. care facility


The majority of deaths were either patients in hospitals, or the elderly—many of whom likely had underlying health conditions. Again, that’s over 207,000 out of the 231,197 listed deaths (89.5%).

What Should We Do?

We’ve been, and are still being, lied to. We should be outraged rather than living in fear. Our elected officials have misused their power. Committing high crimes and misdemeanors contributing to others deaths through withholding treatment and advocating policies that don’t work. Instead they contribute to additional deaths and wreck people’s lives. We should be peacefully protesting and flooding the governor’s office with calls and emails until he relents, resigns, or is removed from office.

The 2020 Election

This brings us to the recent election. There are allegations of massive fraud. The President’s legal team held a press conference last week. We learned more specifics about the fraud’s extent and scope; about how and where it was carried out. Facts the media has so far ignored. They also have thousands of affidavits supporting their claims. This information should be kept confidential until entered as evidence in court.

We’ll see what they actually have. However, one Nevada election result was recently overturned due to voting irregularities. Then there is the voting machine company’s history, and that of its owners. It appears their software was developed to fix elections. In addition, they use servers located outside America to tally votes. What could possibly go wrong with that? And once again, our state officials are either clueless or complicit. Only time will tell. We just need to follow the money.

Even the Georgia recounts are so far simply recounting the same spoiled ballots. However, those recounts are still finding thousands of uncounted votes. We’ll see if they proceed to looking at the ballot’s validity, which is necessary to determine if voter fraud exists and its extent.

The Seized Server Mystery

Finally, there was a news report early last week about a server being seized by the U.S. military in Germany. Sources indicate this server contains the undoctored election results. The media ‘fact checkers’ all discounted the story—of course. But in fact checking the fact checkers, it appears the story originally broke by the The Richardson Post is true.[8] It’s been confirmed the servers are in Justice Department hands, and the heads of the CIA and FBI were kept unaware of the raid. Further, the servers appear to belong to the CIA. This explains why the U.S. military could conduct such a raid in foreign territory.

The story suggests the legitimate election results will be close to the map shown below, after exposing and removing the fraud.[9]

If the map above is accurate, Virginia’s results, at both the federal and state level should also be in question. I, for one, doubt the state election results shown to date. They just don’t jibe with the before election evidence, and the voting pattern fits that of states where voter fraud is being investigated.

Where to from Here?

Time to clean house, at both federal and state levels. This corruption exposes many doing wrong. We should remove every one of them from their position, quickly and effectively. It’s ironic we have a master of firing incompetent people in the right position to do just that at this time.

While the preceding should concern us, it should also give us hope. God is moving. These are man’s efforts to subvert and control people on a global scale. More about that next time. In the meantime, consider the following. The Lord laughs at the wicked’s efforts (Psalm 37:12-3) and God’s foolishness far surpasses man’s greatest wisdom (1 Cor. 1:25). We need to continue putting our faith in Him, and standing for what is right—so we don’t lose what God’s given us.

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. May you experience God’s peace and joy during the holiday and after.


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