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You may want to bookmark this page as there is a good source for getting your news plus a real bombshell of an article with Lin Wood on how the election is being impacted.   We are not going to say “stolen” because website service providers can now deplatform websites whenever it suits them.  Social media Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube will silence your free speech.  Governors and mayors can make executive edicts and force you to wear a mask, close down churches, and shackle your first amendment rights to freely assemble and worship. 

We are in a dangerous place.  Pastors are caving to this and many are cowards.  But God is REAL and there is a “shaking” that is coming. I urge you to visit  this website The Thrive Time Show, and use discernment as there is alot there that many folks don’t agree with.


The mainstream news of ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN and even Fox to some degree has become free speech suppressors and are calling for President Trump to concede when in fact, the voter fraud issue is quite extensive.   Below are sources that are collecting evidence of voter fraud.   Back in 2005, a report was done on ways to avoid election issues and this report looks like it was followed to create

The 2005 report  called on states to increase voter ID requirements;

  • to be leery of mail-in voting;
  • to halt ballot harvesting;
  • to maintain voter lists,
  • in part to ensure dead people are promptly removed from them;
  • to allow election observers to monitor ballot counting;
  • and to make sure voting machines are working properly.

Unfortunately, this was done by some “blue ribbon” panel and not legislated because our politicians don’t want to go on record anymore.  I stopped watching mainstream news awhile back but now I am proactively using these sources to get my news:

Alternative News Sources, the ones in bold are the ones I primarily go to.

  1. If you have Android, this is terrific: Liberty Daily: 
  2. Epoch Times  
  3. America’s Voice Real America’s Voice, available on the free Pluto TV app and online at, has some excellent programs. War Room: Pandemic with Steve Bannon, National Pulse with Raheem Kassam, and Actionable Intelligence with Eric Greitens. 
  4. Just the News 
  5. Rantingly (Drudge alternative!)  
  6. Newsmax Platinum: $50 a year  (I am considering this for 2021)
  7. CNS/MRC: 
  8. Breitbart: 
  9. The  Blaze: 
  10. PJ Media: 
  11. Town Hall: 
  12. Daily Wire: 
  13. Bongino Report:  
  14. Red State: 
  15. OAN: One America News:  (on cable TV free)
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