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Rita_DunawayMy goal is to help VCA impact Virginia through well-reasoned, respectful advocacy and education on public policy issues and by challenging Christians to engage the culture and serve their communities.

Advocacy – VCA advocates for sound public policies at the local, state and federal level that are consistent with the foundational principles of the Bible, the Declaration of Independence and the federal and state Constitutions. Our advocacy includes, but is not limited to, the following issues:

1.The Sanctity of Human Life
2.Religious Liberty
3.Protection of the Family and Parental Rights
4.Limited Government

Education – VCA seeks to educate Virginians both on the important cultural issues of our times and on civic affairs. We aim to provide Virginia citizens with the information and tools they need to assess and influence the performance of their elected officials.

Networking/Grassroots Mobilization – One of VCA’s most treasured resources is our network of talented and gifted Board Members and Advisors, each of whom is connected to a unique network of friends and acquaintances and has a unique passion for particular issues. VCA strives to challenge and encourage Christians, individually, and the Church, generally, to engage their culture, serve their communities, and influence their government, using their unique gifts to advance the Kingdom.

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What We Believe:

a. That we are called to be “salt” and “light” in our community, state, and nation, and that we have a duty, as Christian citizens, to be involved in the workings of our government and our community;

b. That faith without works is dead;

c. That every human life, from conception until natural death, is created in the image of God and therefore precious;

d. That government looms too large in the everyday lives of Americans, but that the Church must fulfill its Biblical mandate of caring for the poor and helpless among us if we hope to reverse the trend toward government dependency;

e. That the protection of the “unalienable rights” described in the Declaration of Independence and the civil liberties set forth in our nation’s Bill of Rights is essential to avoiding governmental tyranny;

f. That while human laws do not hold the power to change human hearts, laws that reflect the Biblical principles of our nation’s Judeo-Christian heritage, such laws will serve as an important civil guide to moral behavior and yield a society that is compassionate, responsible, productive and strong;

g. That no single political party holds all the answers to improving our society, and that our loyalty should not be to any particular party, platform or politician, but rather to God;

h. That we should be respectful to those in authority, and yet faithful to challenge them to do what is right and, where necessary, to oppose unjust policies or decisions;

i. That as Christians, we can and should be respectful, truthful, and gracious as we engage in public advocacy and refrain from demonizing those who oppose our viewpoints—we should seek both to understand and to be understood, to unite rather than to divide, wherever possible; and

j. That as disciples of Christ, we are called to be like Him both in our means of dealing with others and in pursuing ends that please Him.

Faith in Action: exciting projects that are currently underway:

a. Developing VCA legislative initiatives (these bills are currently in the research and development stage, but stay tuned for updates!).

b. Establishing partnerships with other ministries across Virginia and developing local “chapters” of VCA.

c. Developing and launching VCA’s Speaker Network .

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Virginia Christian Alliance
The mission of the VIRGINIA CHRISTIAN ALLIANCE is to promote moral, social and scientific issues we face today from a Biblical point of view. In addition we will refute and oppose, not with hate, but with facts and humor, the secular cultural abuses that have overridden laws and standards of conduct of the past. We will encourage Christians to participate in these efforts through conferences, development of position papers, booklets and tracts, radio/TV spots, newspaper ads and articles and letters-to-the editor, web sites, newsletters and providing speakers for church and civic meetings.