The Sound of Freedom (Film) by Angel Studios, July 4th God’s Children are Not For Sale

Sound of Freedom

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Sound of Freedom, a new Angel Original, is a thriller based on the incredible true story of a former government agent turned freedom fighter who embarks on a dangerous mission to rescue dozens of children from modern-day slavery. This emotionally riveting narrative is a powerful story of heroism and stands as a testament to the tenacious spirit of those who refuse to let evil triumph.

This movie shines a light on one of the most horrific crime industries in the world: child trafficking. The movie stars Jim Caviezel (The Count of Monte Cristo, The Passion of the Christ) as Tim Ballard, a man who spent over a decade working as a special agent at the Department of Homeland Security. Sound of Freedom highlights one of his first missions to free dozens of children from sex trafficking and exploitation. It is a story of the fight for freedom and hope, even in the darkest of places.

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Sound of Freedom is an upcoming American action drama film written and directed by Alejandro Monteverde. It stars Jim Caviezel, Mira Sorvino, and Bill Camp. Caviezel plays Tim Ballard, a former government agent turned vigilante who embarks on a dangerous mission to rescue children from sex traffickers in Colombia

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Sound of Freedom was inspired by the story of Tim Ballard and the events that led him to become an activist against child trafficking before founding Operation Underground Railroad.[5]

Eduardo Verastegui met Ballard and felt called to make the film to raise awareness of the sex trafficking industry.[6]

Tim Ballard personally requested that Jim Caviezel portray him in the film; the producers were taken aback by the request and tried to convince him to select an actor who more closely resembled him.[7][8] However, Ballard was steadfast, saying that he was affected by Caviezel’s roles in The Passion of the Christ and The Count of Monte Cristo.

Caviezel, before the shooting of the film, spent several days shadowing Tim Ballard and learning about Operation Underground Railroad‘s operations. He says that he was able to go to Latin America and witness an operation led by Ballard himself.[9]

The film was scored by the Spanish composer Javier Navarrete.[10]


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