The TIMES-DISPATCH refused to run a letter by Don Blake, Virginia Christian Alliance Chairman, supporting Delegate Bob Marshall’


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Times-Dispatch Owes Bob Marshall An Apology

June 13, 2012    My daily habit of reading the Times-Dispatch from cover to cover began in my early teens–when I delivered it on my bicycle—and has continued over the decades, except for my Army years. I have noticed the T/D’s increasingly liberal perspective in its reporting and editorial comments, but this was to be expected – society, morals and values have been “downgraded.” What used to be “wrong” may not be “right” but is now “acceptable.”

While I do often agree with the editorial columns and admire the skills of those who write them even when I don’t, I was particularly bothered by a June 10 editorial that called Robert Marshall “a Prince William delegate whose hate-mongering stains the Republican Party.” I could not believe the editorial board would call anyone a “hate-monger.” I challenge the T/D to explain their reasoning. If Marshall is a “hate-monger,” then so am I, the Pope, the Southern Baptists, many Christian denominations and many millions of Americans who share Marshall’s basic Biblical values. This includes the Republican Party base whom the editorial says Marshall’s “hate-mongering stains.”

I believe that the T/D owes Bob Marshall and all of those who share his Biblical beliefs an apology.

I was also troubled by the Politifact article “Marshall wrong about impact of gay sex on life expectancy.” The article leads readers to wonder if the writer was serving a “politically correct” agenda in their findings. HIV deaths did peak and now have been lessened by new life preserving drugs. For that we are all grateful. The homosexual lifestyle, however, has considerably more factors leading to a much shorter lifespan than does the heterosexual lifestyle. I don’t believe anyone can dispute that.

The T/D has misled their readers on both of the above issues, and I hope they will admit it.

Don_BlakeDon Blake
Virginia Christian Alliance
Glen Allen, VA
June 13, 2012

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