The Two-Minute Warning – War is expanding in the Mideast | Dr. Mark Hitchcock, Olivier Melnick, and Trevor Rubenstein

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Jan Markell hosts Dr. Mark Hitchcock, Olivier Melnick, and Trevor Rubenstein. Hitchcock feels the world has been given a two-minute warning as the final clock ticks down. War is expanding in the Mideast. The key to the clock is the Jewish people. Israel is the burdensome stone to the world and the church.  There will be a clamoring for a peace treaty.

Has Israel become the world’s burdensome Stone spoken of in Zechariah 12?

All of this goes far beyond Palestinians, Islam and Hamas.  There’s never going to be a political solution to this religious problem.

It’s only going to be solved when the Messiah Returns.

The Lord Jesus the ultimate source of this is satanic because Satan hates what God loves and God loves the Jewish people and we love what God loves.

Welcome to Understanding the Times radio with Jan Markel brought to you by Olive Tree Ministries.

Today Jan visits with three guest Dr Mark Hitchcock and two representatives from Chosen People Ministries Olivier Melnick and Trevor Rubenstein how are today’s events lining up with Bible prophecy and what position should Christians take in the new global war against the Jews we discuss this and much more in today’s uninterrupted programming there’s a much deeper agenda




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