To stop Islam, rediscover pride in Christian civilization

640px King John III Sobieski Sobieski sending Message of Victory to the Pope after the Battle of Vienna 111

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By Bryan Fischer

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The single greatest threat to freedom, liberty, and the national security of the United States is not Russia or North Korea or China. It is Islam.

Islam has been at war with Christian civilization since Satan first deceived Mohammad in a cave in 610 AD and passed himself off as an angel of light. The history of Islam since then has been one of unremitting bloodshed, repression, and implacable hostility to the followers of the Cross. It is anything but a religion of peace. It is instead a religion of war, violence, and death. As Winston Churchill once accurately and trenchantly observed, “No stronger retrograde force exists in the world.”

Islam is, he said, a “militant and proselytizing force,” and “were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science…the civilisation of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilisation of ancient Rome.”

The Christian West has been forced to turn back the dark forces of Islam repeatedly from the continent of Europe, first by Martin of Tours in 732 AD, then again at Lepanto in 1571, and at the gates of Vienna in 1683. Islam has never, ever retreated from its determination to conquer the Christian West and eliminate the light of Christianity from the face of the earth. We ignore this history at our lasting peril.

640px King John III Sobieski Sobieski sending Message of Victory to the Pope after the Battle of Vienna 111640px King John III Sobieski Sobieski sending Message of Victory to the Pope after the Battle of Vienna 111

Geert Wilders, the unapologetic prophet of the Netherlands, has made the same point repeatedly. Islam, he points out, is the “greatest threat to the survival of our civilizations,” and has only been allowed to invade the Christian West because our political leadership “no longer believes in the superiority of its own Western Judeo-Christian and humanist values. These Western values have brought Europe peace, prosperity, liberty, and democracy.” But, he laments, our leaders and our people “no longer seem to understand this.”

One Western leader who does understand this is Viktor Orban, the prime minister of Hungary. Hungary has banned Islamic immigration and has erected not one but two walls to protect its borders, its nation and its culture for civilizational jihad, doing its part to prevent a “Muslimized Europe.”

Said Orban, about coming to some kind of detente with the forces of Islam, “We can never be in solidarity with ideals, peoples and ethnic groups who set out with the goal to change European culture… because the end result is collapse……Hungary is a place where Western European Christians will always be able to find security.”

Christians have much to be proud of as we look at the impact of Christianity on Western culture. From its contributions to literature, music, the arts, education, economics, charity, and politics Christianity has no equal in the history of civilizations. Christianity spawned science, and Christian scientists who believed in the Creator of Genesis 1 were responsible for the development of virtually every branch of modern science. Christianity created the first truly democratic and constitutional Republic, here America, and this Christian nation freed the slaves and liberated Europe and the world from the Nazi menace in WWII.

Bottom line: we must rediscover a proper pride in our Christian heritage and a proper pride in what Christianity has meant to the world, or this once great nation will disappear beneath the religious and political tsunami created by Islam.

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