This Sex Act Symbolizes The Fall of America

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Warning: Graphic content

When I became a Christian, God’s wondrous design of nature and the human body became a marvel to my “new creation” eyes. 


Linda Harvey | WND

As the Lord miraculously opened my heart, I realized that sadly, my former liberal agnosticism had robbed me of simple joy. Jesus, in His mercy, restored it to me.

As I grew in my Christian walk, this passage became meaningful:

“Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s (1 Corinthians 6:19-20).”

But American teens are being tutored through media like Teen Vogue to engage in everyday perversion, so it’s critical that we discuss the spiritual implications of such behavior for believers and non-believers alike.

Would anal intercourse be an act that should occur in a temple of the Holy Spirit?

No. Yet some self-labeled Christians apparently condone this anatomy-abusing act – for instance, “gay”- affirming churches. Accepting homosexual relationships gives de facto approval to this bodily defilement.

Remember celebrity pastor Mark Driscoll? One clue that maybe all was not quite as it should be in his grasp of Christian doctrine was the rather graphic marriage manual he and his wife published, advocating marital anal sex, among other practices. Discernment, at the very least, was noticeably absent.

Hopefully, Driscoll has had a change of heart.

The jaded pleasures glorified in America are fingernails on a chalkboard to many Christians. Why must our formerly Christ-honoring culture now intentionally cheapen and discard the blessing of marital intimacy designed by God and trade it for a bowl of sexual pottage?

I pray we can arrest our culture’s swift decline and the implosion of many churches and retake the sacred territory of virtue and freedom we are ceding to Satan. But we must understand what is going on. He is mobilizing our flesh against us.

We are in a battle to the death with ourselves.

And anal intercourse epitomizes this unwinnable fight with its inevitable bondage, inevitable without faith in Christ, that is. Sexual perversion can be left behind after repentance and restoration.

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But very few are advocating a return to virtue. We are racing full speed in the opposite direction.

I never thought I would write a column exclusively on anal sex, but we know even some Christian teens and young adults are conflicted.

Teen Vogue’s recent column teaches adolescent girls how to engage in this practice “safely.” Everyone’s doing it, they claim.

The trashy article is very explicit, and I was thrilled to see the video posted by my central Ohio pro-family colleague, Elizabeth Johnston – The Activist Mommy – where she burns copies of Teen Vogue.

One survey claims that 46 percent have tried it, most likely an exaggeration. Still, even Gwyneth Paltrow is giving advice on how to engage in anal sex.

School “comprehensive sex education” now offers anal sex as an option, with assurances the risk can be managed. The screeching homosexual lobby feels entitled to demand this “inclusive” moral equivalence to vaginal intercourse, and in many liberal school systems, radical educators are ready to accommodate this request and allow the advocacy of sodomy to children as young as seventh grade.

Homosexual advocates are trying to get mainstream America to share this sin as an attribute of “equality.” But it’s one more dagger thrust into the innocence of our youth. Planned Parenthood and its allies tell our children in graphic detail how to enjoy “outercourse” to avoid pregnancy and STDs. And among the suggested smorgasbord of intimate sexual activity is anal sex.

But anal sex is always radically unsafe. The Centers for Disease Control acknowledges that some engage in this practice and describes how to lower the risk, but does not disguise the numerous hazards, including rectal perforation, HIV and other STDs like chlamydia and gonorrhea, parasites, bacterial infections and hepatitis.

It’s urgent that we become intentional about telling our precious kids the truth and unmasking this vile act, and the entire porn narrative, for what it is.

Anal sex is demonic. There’s no other way to understand it. Using the anus as a substitute vagina is a desire from the pit of hell.

This is not cool. It’s sexual suicide and human depravity gone mainstream.

The anus is not a genital, and of course, this act mocks the creation of new life. It is essentially the opposite.

In the human body, the anus is a death site.

The anus is the point of exit for the body’s waste disposal system, with all the attributes of decay, including a wealth of bacteria and foul odor. And the rectum cannot accommodate the activity of intercourse without the high probability of injury.

Only bizarre lusts prompt the use of this part of our anatomy as a substitute vagina. It’s a complete farce, typical of Satan.

But then, homosexuality is a farce built around posing and substitution. So is gender rebellion.

Anal sex is degrading and totally unnecessary for sexual pleasure. Like all sex acts before or outside marriage, no Christian should ever be going here. Even in marriage, this is a sinful, ungodly act that literally and symbolically points to death.

And who cares how many leftist blogs, teen sex columns, dingbat celebrities, or hipster pastors endorse it?

Pornography often features this behavior, and too many teen boys believe their girlfriends should be expected to accommodate this depraved practice.

If perversion is normalized through gutter-dwelling media and porn sites on the smart phones of many 18-year-old boys, with a veneer of “rights” thrown in, the unthinkable becomes routine.

But what if suddenly “everyone” was talking about amputating fingers for sexual excitement? Where does our lust for odd sensation end?

It’s time we all just stand up and say, “Stop!”



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