Victory For Virginia Parents As Judge Sides With Loudoun Parents, Against Prosecutor On School Board Recall


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Luke Rosiak | Daily Wire

A judge on Tuesday thwarted a far-left prosecutor who likely would have blocked citizens from recalling a Loudoun County school board member, ruling that the process of recalling Beth Barts, who was censured for repeatedly attacking parents, can proceed under a special prosecutor instead.

After Barts was stripped of her committee duties following far-left activism that frequently took the form of attacking parents, she summoned a mob of vigilantes in an “anti-racist” Facebook group who threatened to “hack” opinionated parents, with a sheriff’s investigation concluding that the parents were largely put in the crosshairs for questioning the extended school closures pushed by teachers unions.

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The Facebook group included several elected officials — including the county’s top elected prosecutor, Buta Biberaj. In Virginia, elected officials cannot be recalled by getting a certain number of signatures from voters; rather, meeting that threshold triggers a trial in which a prosecutor argues to a judge that the elected official has taken actions that warrant removal, including misuse of office, neglect of duty, and incompetence. 

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Biberaj did not offer to recuse herself despite the apparent conflict of interest, which included participating in the Facebook group and tweeting a letter to the editor dismissing parents who sought a school board recall as rabble-rousers.


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