Virginia House of Delegates Passes The Inalienable Right to Life Bill


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Richmond, Virginia, February 9 (Virginia Christian Alliance) – Core Issue | Sanctity of Life

Praise God! The bill passed the House yesterday by a vote of 62-36!

On the floor of the House, the legislation faced fierce opposition from three delegates who were on the Subcommittee and Committee where the bill was debated for the past two years. What was telling about their arguments was that they largely centered on the language of the bill that states that “life begins at


They objected to the fact that pregnant women and their doctors would have to “consider” the unborn child as a living human being as they make “health care decisions.” (!)

In short, their fundamental objection is to the bill’s simple statement of Biblical and scientific Truth! But in the end, Truth prevailed in the House of Delegates. To quote a line from Amazing Grace, the story of William Wilberforce’s battle against slavery, “There’s nothing so lofty about simple humanity.”

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Friends, the fiercest of battles awaits us in the Senate Committee(s) where the bill will now be heard again. Please continue to stand with us in prayer.

I have no idea whether it will be the pleasure of the King to work a miracle there, but let us stand firm and persist in taking the Truth into darkness.

Finally, if you have not already thanked the legislators of the House Committee on Courts of Justice, please do so (scroll down for the page for the list). But if you only have time to thank two people, please thank Delegate Bob Marshall (, who has been the pro-life champion in the House of Delegates for years, and Delegate David Albo (, the Committee Chairman who had a lot of impact this year on getting the bill through the House.

Thank you all!

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