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If only this were true. But government run by idiots really doesn’t know what it’s doing. These folks actions appear determined. I’m taking a break from the current Biblical principles series to review some recent events within the current war’s context. We’ll pick up the series again in a few days.

There are many questions. I hope you’ll find something worth spending a little time investigating on your own. We need truth and clarity more today than in a very long time.

A Dark Winter

We’re told the last several months represented a dark winter, a bleak period.  In such a time we, as a people, should be banding together to help one another. (Remember that for the next article.) We’re also promised government is the answer. We know that’s not true, and are about to show some examples for why that is. Consider some actions of those supposedly in power.

  • One of the first killing the Keystone pipeline project; and all its related jobs. Question. If there was an international treaty agreed to and signed, and contracts entered into on that basis, can government arbitrarily set those aside?
  • Additional actions remove our nation’s energy independence . More jobs lost here as well. Does this make sense during a dark winter?
  • Opening the borders. Dramatic increases in unaccompanied minors (those without their real parents) potentially increasing child trafficking. Did you know about 800,000 children disappear in America each year? Have you asked why? This action also creates more job displacement. Finally, we’ll spend billions, if not trillions, more across the board. Same deal here with contracts already in place for completing the wall.
  • Speaking of spending, a $1.9 trillion ‘covid relief’ bill was recently passed. However, less than ten percent went to those impacted by the government mandates. Where did the rest go? Follow the money. Even then, not everyone will get a check. These are subject to creditor collection.

Does any of this make sense during a time of hardship? No. Good thing St. Patrick’s Day was just last week. This is one of the biggest pieces of blarney I’ve ever heard. But wait, there’s more.


The China virus is one thing that just keeps on giving. Consider;

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  • Still restricting many small businesses, while the big box stores seem free to continue as before. Why? This further impacts our economy as America runs on small business. How many have we lost so far? Why have they been targeted?
  • Now we’re told double masks are the answer. So we’re going to use two layers of chicken wire to try and swat a gnat. Brilliant.
  • The current China virus treatments are not vaccines. They are operating systems patented as gene therapy—and experimental. If you die within a year after taking an experimental treatment, will insurance still cover the death? Are disclosures being given to those receiving experimental treatments?
  • These treatments modify your genetic structure. Geert Vanden Bossche believes they are also only effective against a single variant, and at the same time likely to suppress our natural immune system—reducing the body’s ability to fight off future infections.
  • Interestingly, Clinton, Bush, and Obama did a commercial urging people get the treatment. Fittingly, they shot the video at Arlington Cemetery. No waiting. Satan must always tell you what he’s going to do before he does it. But the choice is yours.
  • While all of the above has been going on, effective treatments have been withheld from the general public in many locations. Why?

Those implementing the above policies are accountable for the damage they’ve caused. The actions are illegitimate, immoral, and illegal.

To Whom Do We Belong?

Why should we tolerate this condition? Our rights are being taken away. Last week Biden mentioned using executive orders to limit our right to defend ourselves. Also, the ninth circuit court recently opined American’s have no right to carry guns in public. Really? They should try reading the Constitution.

Is all this hopeless? No, it’s not. But it will take some work on our part. If you believe that power comes from the people and not the state, then you must act accordingly. You need to know and then do. If you don’t already know, then you must learn. Doing doesn’t require violence either. Just all of us standing up for our rights and refusing to act in ways contrary to them. Civil disobedience. It can, and has, changed the world. Put away the fear. That spirit does not come from God, so why should we listen to it? We need to come together and act as a community, as both individuals and businesses. Together, there is nothing we cannot do.

Our True Identity

I recently learned something that brings this into focus. I’ve always read in Psalm 8:6 that God made man only a little lower than the angels. But this translation is incorrect. Looking at the Hebrew, the translation reads:

For You have made him lack a little from Elohim;

and have crowned him with glory and honor.

We were made only a little lower than the God of Creation mentioned in Genesis 1. His glory is light, the spirit He gave to man. We are a priestly royalty. We must remember our true identity and act accordingly. Once we understand who we are; we understand our rights and why we have them. You can hear one interesting option here. Enjoy.

It is fitting this article is released on Passover. This year Passover begins on March, 27 and ends April, 4—Easter at sundown. Passover is the time God spared the Hebrew’s firstborn from pharaoh’s decree they be put to death. The Hebrews consecrated their firstborn to God.

It is no different today. We’ve consecrated ourselves to God, and have many modern pharaoh’s like our governor and the many unelected bureaucrats. All making decisions harming those they’ve sworn an oath to God to serve. It is another Red Sea moment. We have God’s promise He’ll not forsake us. If we all simply stand in Him, and put on His armor—we cannot lose. Shalom.

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