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This letter is in response to the major commentary supporting abortion that was printed in the Free Lance Star on Sunday November 2, 2014. That columnist should not be given any more space for their “opinion” than anyone else. They offered no facts to support their opinion, so it’s worth no more than someone else’s. It’s common sense that life begins at conception.

The normal fetus continues to grow from that point on, so why would it not be considered alive and a baby? The “choice” of abortion after conception today is usually just for “convenience”. This “choice” has resulted in over 56 million babies being killed in the womb. A person too self- centered, lazy, or uneducated to use available birth control methods, looks for a “remedy” after the fact.

“Choice” should be practiced before conception not afterwards! Conception was designed by God to take place in a marriage between a man and a woman as they “become one” and replace themselves as part of a family in His creation.

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In our society today the union between a man and a woman seems mostly for enjoyment or recreation and is not always limited to marriage. As a result, when something “goes wrong” and unplanned conception occurs, it is considered very untimely and inconvenient. If a couple chooses an action that leads to pregnancy, that action is irrevocable. The woman is already a mother. The only choice remaining is, will she be the mother of a live baby or a dead one? For “problem” pregnancies we have “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” with free help for the mother through this critical time. If adoption is an option, we also have adoption agencies to help with that decision of choosing “Life”.

“Choice” couples often don’t consider the pregnancy result as a real person. To them, abortion is the answer and they feel better if it is not considered a baby that they are destroying, but just some “tissue” that they can dispose of by abortion.

Larry Ingles 150Larry T. Ingels

Locust Grove, VA

Larry Ingles serves on the Virginia Christian Alliance Board of Advisors and He works with Bill Nowers, CAPT. USN (Retired) in a creation ministry called Creation & Evolution Studies.

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