When the State Owns Your Soul


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 Sometimes violence, even murder, isn’t the worst thing you can do to a fellow human being.

Stealing his soul, taking over the management of his conscience and his mind—those are worse.

America reached that depth of wickedness recently when the Colorado “Civil Rights” Commission ordered a Christian baker and his employees (including his 87-year-old mother) to undergo “sensitivity training” until they are proved to be “rehabilitated” from their religious beliefs. This was because the baker declined to make a cake for a lesbian parody of a wedding—which would have entailed his knowing participation in a third party’s act of sin.

Before there was sensitivity training, they’d stuff you into a corrugated aluminum sweat box in the sun until your mind was right. Then the Soviets came up with psychiatric hospitals for dissenters. These were considered improvements over the ancient Roman method, which was to simply kill you if you wouldn’t go along with Caesar.eyesrainbow

But that’s not good enough for modern Caesars. After all, once they’ve killed you, what more can they do to you? The Colorado tyrants are more ambitious, in that respect, than Nero ever was. They don’t just want you put out of the way. They can’t be content with merely destroying the baker’s business and livelihood.

Like Satan himself, they want the man’s soul.

Almighty God respects free will. He permits us to sin, even with sin’s consequences, rather than force us to love Him against our will.

But the state of Colorado claims an authority greater than God’s. Nothing will content these creatures but to force a man to abandon his conscience and join in on the sinning.

A judge has called that “the price of citizenship.”

Well, the price is too damned high—and I say “damned” because that is what it is.

Are we to bow down to this and say, “We have no king but Caesar”?

And what’s it for? To establish sin as virtue. To supplant Christian morality with a new system of “morality” that didn’t exist 25 years ago: one which repudiates the Bible’s teaching that homosexual acting-out is sin, and proclaims it praiseworthy, honorable, and good—and you’d better agree, if you know what’s good for you.

I am a writer. Why should I be any safer than a baker, a photographer, or a florist?

What if a pair of lesbians should come to me and demand that I write an essay “celebrating” their ungodly imitation of a marriage, and even read it aloud at their gathering?

Do I have the right, as master of my conscience, to refuse?

Will the State decree that if I don’t write this, I can’t write anything at all? Will they sentence me to sensitivity training if I don’t obey?

How can such things happen in America? Where can we find in our Constitution, or in any of the writings of our founders, a single line suggesting that the State shall be our conscience?

And all King George III wanted was a tea tax.

The “gay” supremacists are overjoyed. Those who oppose them are being punished. They see their way to a time when even the churches, by dint of State coercion, will be forced to fall in line. Some of the flatline Protest churches have already climbed aboard their bandwagon.

What they don’t foresee is a time when their own consciences, if they have them, will be stretched out on the rack of State coercion. They’re riding high right now, they’re in the catbird seat, and what they do to others will never, ever be done to them. They are completely unaware that they are creating a monster that will one day turn and devour them, too.

Once the State consolidates its power to order what you think, it will know no restraint. If someone else can decide what you believe, you aren’t human anymore; you aren’t even you. You are at best a child, with no power, no dignity, no autonomy.

It isn’t even being done with legislation anymore. Who needs law, when anything a bureaucrat says, or a pressure group, has all the force of law? This is the principle that drives the Obama presidency. Let Congress debate endlessly, to no purpose, while executive orders, bureaucratic fiats, and threats by special interest groups fundamentally transform America. Right in front of us, right under our noses, they’re doing it with mirrors—mirrors that everyone can see.

How can we be so spineless, so devoid of spirit, so cowardly, as to submit to this?

We take cold comfort in the fact that someday it’ll be the gays’ turn in the State mincing machine. The State’s satanic lust for power will never be slaked until the human race isn’t human anymore—just a herd of two-legged cattle to be driven wherever the rulers and the experts please.

But what the heck—it’s only a small price to pay, to Save the Planet, achieve total Sexual Liberation, and arrive at Social Justice.



Lee Duigon

Lee Duigon, a contributing editor with the Chalcedon Foundation, is a former newspaper reporter and editor, small businessman, teacher, and horror novelist. He has been married to his wife, Patricia, for 34 years. See his new fantasy/adventure novels, Bell Mountain and The Cellar Beneath the Cellar, available on www.amazon.com.








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