Would our Nation’s Founders Recognize our Nation Today?

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“Every Fourth of July in the United States, we celebrate our liberty with parades, cookouts and fireworks.  But the rest of the year, we tend to take our freedom for granted, believing that we’ll always have it.  After all, this is America, the land of freedom and opportunity.  However if we’re really honest with ourselves, we must acknowledge that our country has changed. As a result, many of us are wondering what we can do to help our Nation recover its Christian values.” Charles Stanley, 2014.

If our Founders were to return today what would they find? They would find that we have lost much of the Republic they gave to us. They would find a people who have turned their back on God the Creator and turned to god the government. They would find a nation no longer governed by We The People but a nation governed by we the courts, we the elite, we big business, and by we the unelected bureaucracy.

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They would find a nation where a single judge overturned the vote of 1.3 million Virginians, another judge undermined the vote of 8 million Californians, and five Supreme Court Justices overturned the will of tens of millions of American voters, rewriting the Constitution the Founders gave to us. They would find the richest nation in history $20 trillion in debt. They would find a government-controlled public education system that indoctrinates our nation’s youth with anti-God and anti-American propaganda. They would find the nation’s military being stripped of references to Christ, while being used for social experimentation. They would find the nation once known as the world’s peacekeeper, no longer leads. They would find a nation with no clear foreign policy. They would find a nation that exports policies promoting homosexuality, abortion-on-demand, and pornographic entertainment. They would find a nation that requires legal immigrants to wait years to enter the U.S., while tolerating and encouraging millions of foreign nationals to illegally cross our nation’s borders at will and then supporting their every need at the expense of tax-paying Americans. They would find a nation where one-in-ten people were born in another country, raised in another culture, and know nothing of our nation’s history. Rather than becoming Americans, they choose to maintain their culture, language, and flag within our borders.

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They would find a nation that gives food stamps to more than 47 million people, and gives free housing, free medical care, free school breakfast, lunches, and dinners rather than promoting self-reliance. They would find a nation where more than 40% of its children are born out of wedlock. They would find that fatherless homes are the new normal. They would find that in the past 43 years, our nation’s women have killed nearly 60,000,000 of their unborn children, often at government expense.

They would find a nation losing more personal freedoms with each new law and court decree. They would find a nation that once feared God now fears government and persecution by that anti-God government. They would find that pastors no longer lead the flocks and that their flocks are being devoured by the wolves. They would find that where pastors, crosses, and the Ten Commandments once stood in the public square, the public square is absent of all three. They would find the church no longer speaks to the government, but the government instead directs the church.

They would find that many Christian churches, schools, and colleges dating back to 1776 no longer follow the Holy Bible. In fact they are anti-Bible. They would find that Christian denominations prominent in 1776 now endorse abortion-on-demand and homosexual relationships – sometimes with pride. They would find the rainbow flag of the anti-God army flying above government buildings, hotels, schools, and many businesses. They would find massive rallies and parades of nearly naked men and women celebrating their homosexual lifestyle. They would find the White House bathed in rainbow lighting celebrating homosexual marriage. They would find men dressing and living as women and vice versa – even in our military and high levels of government.

Shall I go on?

As a nation we have not been all bad; we have been a great nation for most of these past 240 years. But the last 50 years have almost brought us to our knees – not to praise the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, but to praise the trinity of me, myself, and I. The path to destruction is wide and, as a nation, we are on it.
No, I don’t think our Founding Fathers would recognize the nation they created, nor would they recognize the constitution that our lawmakers, our president, and our courts have created.

How should we celebrate this July 4th, 2016 Independence Day? We should celebrate by reading the Declaration of Independence and remembering the legacy of our Founding Fathers. We should remember and recognize the many men and women who have given their service and often their lives for our nation and our freedoms. We must honor the patriots gone before us and those around the world now serving our nation.  We shall have hope in God our Creator that if we as a nation “humble ourselves and pray and seek His face and turn from our wicked ways, then He will hear from heaven, and will forgive our sin and heal our land”. Second Chronicles 7:14

“Righteousness exalts the nation, but sin is a reproach.” Proverbs 14:34

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