Punishing Christians in America Through Imprisonment

Philip ZodhiatesPhilip enters prison. Kathie, his wife, walks him to the gate.

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Our brother in the Lord, Philip Zodhiates, still sits in a federal prison in Ashland, Kentucky. The U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal for Philip on March 8th of this year. This means he has exhausted all avenues for release through the judicial system for committing the crime of giving a single mom and her daughter a ride and a love offering.

In case you have not followed the “Lisa Miller Case” for the past fifteen years of which Philip Zodhiates is connected, allow me to briefly summarize it.

Lisa Miller, a single Mom, trapped in the sin of homosexuality was set free by Jesus Christ. After becoming “born again”, Lisa set out to walk in the ways of the Lord and bring her daughter up according to Biblical standards. The GLBTXYZ mafia refused to allow that and with the help of a biased, crooked judicial system, Lisa and her daughter had to leave the country to go where she and her daughter could live out their Christian faith. At the time of their departure, both had legal passports and had no travel restrictions.

Philip Zodhiates, a Virginia businessman known for his charity and Christian philanthropy gave Lisa Miller and her daughter, Isabella, a ride to the Canadian border in 2009. In 2016 Zodhiates was convicted in New York for a crime of “international parental kidnapping” for his act of kindness and Christian love towards Lisa and her daughter in 2009.

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During the New York hearing, Zodhiates told a federal judge that he was motivated to help Lisa when he heard about Lisa Miller seeking to protect her daughter from alleged abuse by Lisa’s former lesbian partner occurring in court-enforced visitations.

Now that Philip’s Zodhiates’ appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court has been rejected Philip has 993 days left behind bars in America for living his Christian faith outside the sanctuary.

Victims of “religious persecution” in America

The Lisa Miller Case has always been about the criminalizing of Christianity in America by the GLBTXYZ mafia. Look at the evidence: Christian Mom forced to leave America in order to save her daughter from forced homosexual indoctrination against her Christian faith, a Christian missionary and an Amish Mennonite pastor have served prison terms for living their faith and helping Lisa and Isabella. And presently, Philip Zodhiates is imprisoned for exercising his Christian faith. Throughout the many hearings in America whereby Christians stood for their faith and Biblical standards against homosexual indoctrination there has been a price to pay.

Efforts are in the making for clemency or pardon for Philip Zodhiates.

Letters from Philip in prison are being posted at www.wall4america.com

Make donations to help Zodhiates with his massive legal fees by visiting www.419fund.com

Philip Zodhiates

Philip enters prison. Kathie, his wife, walks him to the gate.

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