Your Virginia has Been Bought & Paid for by Billionaires from Out-of-State Power & Big Lobbyists

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The Virginia Constitutional Convention, 1830, by George Catlin

The deluge of bills, energized by out of state deep pockets has placed Virginia on the fast lane to Marxism while erasing the freedoms and liberties of the free people of Virginia.

The email below summarizes some of the legislation passed, or likely to be passed, by the Virginia legislature year. Taxes, in several forms, have passed. Tax increases on cigarettes, lodging, meals, and likely gasoline. But many tax increases have also come in the form of unfunded mandates to be picked up by local government.

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One quick example. In the election area, each locality will need to have a polling place open for 45 days prior to an election—beginning this November. Local government will need to pay to acquire or renovate space for voters to use, and pay for election officers to staff the polling place for 45 days. Local governments will also be required to enclose a postage paid envelope when mailing out ballots to voters. All to be funded by you, the taxpayer. It is only a matter of time before other tax increases will be enacted to cover the looming cost increases from the legislation passed over the last several years. And the summary below is only a partial list of this year’s changes.

Much of this coming from money being poured into state races from outside Virginia. If we don’t want our legislature to be for sale, we must make different, and better, choices.

Billionaires from Out-of-state & Big Lobbyists

Bought Our Legislature!

 It Took 34 Candidates Over $1 Million to Win!



An overwhelming volume of destructive legislation is being rammed through the legislative process. Input from experienced stakeholders is routinely ignored, exorbitant costs to public and private entities disregarded, collateral damage and long-term consequences scoffed at. –
                                                             Delegate Dave La Rock (HOD 33)

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  • Guns – Bill of Rights – 2nd amendment
  • ERA – 5 states withdrew before deadline; some passed versions that are NOT IDENTICAL; more…
  • Broadband – eminent domain “Takings”
  • VA Values Act – VA Constitution Article I, sec 16 (religious freedom)
  • Regional minimum wages – unequal application of the law (if they go there)



  • There will be gas tax increases – It just remains to be seen how much, how fast and in what regions.
  • Local gov’t will be able to levy more taxes – gas, admissions, cigarettes, lodging, meals (repeals required referendum SB 588) PASSING
  • Big Labor – public employee collective bargaining, minimum wage, project labor agreements, prevailing wage means higher construction costs on all government construction projects including roads, schools etc. Result – higher taxes. (A minimum wage increase affects government employees (i.e.: taxpayers) too! ALL PASSING
  • Increased vehicle registration fees (SB 972). PASSING
  • Big Hospitals – expanded Certificate of Public Need (COPN) – everything the hospitals ever dreamed of.. Result – higher medical bills. PASSING
  • Big Environment money interests – climate change mandates throughout the bills will raise electric rates and cost us at the state and local government levels level.too.



  • Clean Economy Act vs. The New Green Deal – Far left wants to reach 0 carbon 5 years sooner and tougher mandates against fossil fuels. Ratepayers will pay, and big energy will make money with any result.
  • Minimum wage – disagreement over how high, how fast, regional differences? (Is regional unequal application of law?)
  • Redistricting – It appears that the VA Constitution amendment is dead but we will get something similar in regular legislation



  • National Popular Vote compact – negates Electoral College (HB 177)
  • Clean Economy Act – ‘Big Energy’ making money hand over fist no matter what passes
  • COPN – Big Hospitals’ COPN dream bills!
  • Big Pharma / CDC – for-profit companies pushing to mandate more vaccines (HB 1090)
  • VA Values Act – weaponized anti-discrimination (MOAB HB 1663 / SB 868) 
  • Election bills – photo ID, same day registration, DMV automatic registration and ID cards, more…
  • Gun bills – sign up at org for up to the minute status alerts – they are the experts!
  • Transgender bills – protected class, new birth certificate, gender X on driver license, gender neutral pronouns, special school policy, hate (thought) crimes more … 
  • Business mandates – VA Values Act, required reports on gender, salary, training etc (anti- discrimination); mandated sick leave, many more…
  • SLAPP – several bills
  • Immigration – Anti ICE, DMV ID & drivers licenses, Office of New Americans, in-state tuition.



  • HB 961 Assault Weapons Ban is DEAD for 2020!
  • Bills to stop telephone solicitation PASSING
  • Nuclear energy declared clean (This is huge) PASSING
  • Eminent domain protections PASSING


NO use of handheld cellphones while driving.

PASSED both Bodies – gone to the Governor – Goes into effect at the start of 2021. Exempts drivers who are parked legally or at a full stop. (HB 874)


Bills that have passed both Houses, have been signed by the Speaker and President of the Senate and are headed to the Governor here


Carol Stopps and the CLIC-VA Team 

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