66 Million People Can’t Be Wrong


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“66 Million People Can’t Be Wrong” says the Sports Illustrated ad concerning their swimsuit issue.

O yes they can, IF THEY LOOK, particularly the boys, young men, middle-age men and even the ‘old codgers’

Some would not consider this type of publication as hardcore porn, but the results are going to be the same. It will be a step on the road to degradation. It’s not only the thousands of dollars that a person who is hooked on porn can waste, but the moral digression in his personality and soul.

Consider the married man, how can his wife match the girls with their enhanced features? It provides encouragement and grounds for playing around, e.g. think Bill, John, Mark, Tiger, and don’t forget ‘Joe Blow” down the street.

Dads and Moms, think what effect this will have on little Johnny and him wanting to date your daughter. Boys have one thing in mind, in this supped up sexual culture, to go as far as the girl will let him.

And what about the ‘swim suit’ girls- is PLAYBOY and HUSTLER next? Men have abused women in pornography, movies and sexual services. There is always a starting place, and publication editors know the power of SEX to attract.

But the best advice- don’t pose and ‘don’t look.

Greene Hollowell

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Greene Hollowell
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