A Literal Rapture or Tribulation to Endure

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Tim Moore: In our last three episodes: Eric Hovind of Creation Today Ministries addressed a controversial debate in Genesis: A Literal Global Flood. In our second episode, Nathan addressed a controversial debate from the book of Revelation: A Literal 1000-Year Kingdom. In our third episode, Dr. Jobe Martin of Biblical Discipleship Ministries addressed A Literal 6-Day Creation.

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Tim Moore: In this fourth and final episode of our series, I will swing back to the other end of the Bible to address a controversial debate in Revelation: A Literal Rapture or Tribulation to Endure? Will Church Age Christians have to endure the horrors of the Tribulation? Let’s find out! Afterwards, we’ll come back and answer some of the more hotly debated objections skeptics have about the book of Revelation.

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