end times

The Importance of Understanding the End Times

Jan Markell is Curtis Bowers’ guest on Agenda Weekly. Why can we not possibly understand our times without a biblical and prophetic understanding. Listen and Learn. Access the video at the link below or above. Sign up for Bowers’ regular updates at www.agendaweekly.com.

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

Nathan Jones | Lamb and Lion Ministries Nathan Jones: Doesn’t it seem like God has been showering signs all over the world to indicate that Jesus…

Jeff Kinley: America Prepares for the Antichrist

The Bible tells us there are troubling times ahead. We want to show you how to avoid these terrible times that the Bible calls the Tribulation. The prophet Daniel wrote about it over 2,600 years ago and as we see the rise of a one-world global system take shape today and the world is being prepared for the arrival of the Antichrist, we know that we are getting very close to seeing all of the Bible’s end-time prophecies come to pass in our lifetime. Are you aware of what the Bible has to say about the future?

God’s Weather Warnings

Terry James | Prophecy Watch There is, at first glance, perhaps a paradox in our take on the matter of climate change. When I say…

Commiserating with Lot

by Terry James | Prophecy Line The story of Sodom and Gomorrah is the story of a man–but it is much more. It is a…