A Modest Proposal

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I have often wondered about people who express themselves under cover of anonymity.  I suspect that despite the bravado to support his vulgarity, he prefers secrecy lest he be recognized by family and friends.  He is properly deserving of shame.  He suggests that an incredible evil befall the world.

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In response to my essay, “Endangered Species,” I received a reply from someone signed Kelvin Throop, who is R.A.J. Phillips’s literary character known for his acerbic memos.  His/her identity, therefore, remains anonymous.  And no wonder, inasmuch as s(he) expresses a theory for settling the strife in the Middle East that is taken from the worst inhumanity of Islam and Hitler’s fascism.  It is presented as an objective, modest proposal of conveniently disappearing an entire people. 

We see the first sign of aggression in his opening statement, in which he devalued the target people – he thanked me for calling to his attention the similarity between Jews and polar bears.  He chooses to be unaware of the enormous and unprecedented accomplishments of such a small, scattered nation over 4,000 years.  While Throop’s ancestors were tribal pagans, sacrificing to idols, dwelling in caves or tents, and living in a state of constant infighting and chaos, the Jews were bringing monotheism, morality, and meaning to the history of humanity.

The Jews established the Sabbath for humans with comparable respect to animals, abolished slavery, and created the first human settlement in Jerusalem around 3500 BCE, which became the capital of the Jewish kingdom in 1000 BCE.   They brought us universal literacy and education; the sabbatical year; equality and justice for men and women; value to individuality and every human life; the right to a fair trial; the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; limited government powers; and charity, all the requirements for an altruistic concept of world peace.  Today, Israelis are industrious, innovative, and leaders in science, engineering, mathematics, the arts and entertainment, earning a remarkable number of Nobel Prizes in every major field. 

American President John Adams said, “I will insist that the Hebrews have done more to civilize man than any other nation.  If I were an atheist, and believed in blind eternal fate, I should still believe that chance had ordered the Jews to be the most essential instrument for civilizing the nations.”  He understood that it was the Jews who first set us on the road to civilization by challenging the prevailing notion of “blind eternal fate” with a sense of purpose based on mutual respect, justice and kindness. 

Throop’s disposition and conclusions reveal his desire to rid the world of Jews by forcing their cohabitation (his word was derogatory) with their sworn enemy, which is precisely what Mohammed and his disciples have done since 622 AD.  The Koran reveals itself as being no common prayer book, but a tome of illuminating chapters, 114 of which (suras) are a preoccupation with and inspiration for killing Jews because they rejected the cruelty of Mohammedanism.  Islamic laws command not only that Muslims maraud and murder, but that they interbreed with chosen survivors in order to annihilate all traces of their existence.  This method worked to substantially increase the Islamic population while decreasing the non-Muslim populations of many countries in the Middle East, North Africa, the Horn of Africa, Africa’s Sahel region, and Central Asia, and now in Europe, bringing only misery.  The identity of most of these peoples – Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians, Mithraists, Manicheists, Nestorians, Polytheists and more – have even been expunged from the annals of history as though they never existed.

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What do we know about the 1400-year Islamic slave trade?  At least 80 to 90 percent of the captured 28 million slaves died en route to the slave market; a low estimate of 112 million never reached land.  Twice as many women as men were sent to the Middle East for sexual slavery, whereas twice as many men as women went to the Americas for agricultural work.  The male slaves in the Middle East were castrated and children of female slaves were killed at birth, whereas America’s slaves could marry, and their descendants became citizens of Brazil and the US.

Our wise antisemite, Throop, cannot comprehend that Jews, successful or failed, communist or capitalist, black or white, will not be erased, but will survive as Jews in the face of the world’s desertion or brutality —  today, as they have through millennia.  In spite of the persistence of the genociders, Israel has 6.5 million Jews, but this should be compared with 1.6 billion Muslims in the surrounding lands.  A comparison of the land masses is similar, with a mere 8,000 sq. mi. for the Jews and 7.386 million sq. mi. for the Muslims. 

Islam feeds upon hate, and hate feeds upon itself.  The Palestinians have eschewed every offer for a separate Palestinian state because their purpose is another Islamic state on Israeli soil.  This is Islamic holy war, to remove Jews from their land and from history.  The Palestinians are regarded as outcasts by their brethren whose surnames and heritage they share.  The commonality, their raison d’etre – the only justification for their existence – is Israel’s destruction, Jewish annihilation by conquest or inbreeding.  Unsurprisingly, Lebanese “Palestinians” pledge allegiance to “Palestine” with the Nazi salute.”

Throop’s repulsive suggestion echoes that of the Nazi fascists, particularly Heinrich Himmler’s psychopathic obsession with a blue-eyed, blond super-race, Aryans.  Germany seriously diminished its young male population by sending its viable workforce and potential fathers to fight two world wars; by deliberately exterminating Jews, Romani, homosexuals and blacks as part of Hitler’s Final Solution; and by Germany’s Nuremberg Laws that forbade intermarriage.  This depopulation left Himmler in the position of creating the Lebensborn Project (1935) to generate racially pure children by having SS officers mate with girls and women within Germany and from occupied countries, particularly in Scandinavia (Norway), in special “breeding clinics” to produce Aryan babies.

To protect the pregnant, unmarried women from the social stigma, their identities were suppressed, and they lived secluded in comfortable Lebensborn homes – ten in Germany, nine in Norway, two in Austria, and one each in Belgium, Holland, France, Luxembourg, and Denmark – furnished from the dwellings of Jews who had been sent to Dachau.  The newborn Aryans were specially baptized in keeping with the Nazi ideology, relinquished to the SS for indoctrination, and given to elite families to raise.  Had Nazism triumphed, the unique identities of the surrounding peoples would have been absorbed into the Nazi behemoth, exactly as Throop suggests for Israel. 

By 1939, Himmler’s program was ailing, and locals were critical of the immorality, but the nightmare only increased.  In 1942, Hitler encouraged the SS to fraternize with non-German women, inviting them to the Lebensborn homes for privacy and safety.  Soldiers began kidnapping light-eyed, blond children of “racially good” countries, some orphaned, some forcibly stolen, and sending them to Lebensborn centers to forget their families and become Germanized.  As many as 100,000 were stolen from Poland alone, and those who were not racially pure or could not be Nazified, were often beaten and transferred to concentration camps for execution.  

At the end of the war, May 1, 1945, one day after Hitler’s death, Americans discovered 300 children, ages 6 months to 6 years.  They were either returned to their birth families or, if too Germanized to be repatriated, put up for adoption.  The estimate was that the program included the theft of hundreds of thousands of children, of which only 25,000 were returned to their families.  Some were too Germanized to leave their adoptive families, while others, thousands, who could not accept the forced identities, were also exterminated.  When the Nazi regime collapsed, the children became social outcasts who suffered from horrible stigmatization and disgrace throughout their lives – leading to severe humiliation, rape, depression, alcoholism, criminality, drug abuse, and suicide. 

During the program’s ten-year operation, an estimated 20,000 children were born in Lebensborn homes (10,000 in Norway), although names were changed, and secret records destroyed.  The resulting depopulation put Germany in a position of having to acquire a foreign workforce, to accept males from a culturally disparate, hostile Islamic culture.  Sweden may never return to its peaceful days after ceding its safety, security, and national identity.

Throop and his ilk would force this nightmare scenario onto the Jews of Israel, but we should be warned: what starts with the Jews never ends with the Jews.  These theorists cannot tolerate individuality or true diversity.  They must crush humanity into one coagulated mass.

Although the despots and methods may be new, America is faced with the same ideology of destruction and depopulation.  Our country has become the new battleground for intentional depopulation by Islam, Fascism, Communism, and globalists:

  • The invasion of foreign cultures with destructive practices of drugs, violence, rape, child-trafficking, and sexual slavery;
  • The divisiveness advanced in our schools that sows tribal hatred, racial violence, denial of G-d and country, and diminished white masculinity;
  • The incorporation of Critical Race Theory to our degraded, feminized military; denigrating patriotism, and providing brainwashing reading materials;
  • Bill Gates’s open declaration to depopulate an overcrowded world, proposing 350,000 to be killed daily, using scare tactics that include an unknown virus and gene-therapy injections to be administered by government decree; 
  • Launching a COVID-19 fear campaign to the populace, using quarantines and masks for the healthy, followed by mRNA vaccines that may edit genes through “retro-integration,” with DNA damage passed on to future generations, its potentially catastrophic consequences to impact fertility.

The scene is ever-changing, and the players have innocuous names and revamped methods, but the old malignancy persists beneath the surface. The goal is always destruction of identity or, failing that, extinction.   

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