Project Jehovah: How Satan Controls Human Government

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Originally written in January 2003

Following a general trend that has been visible for the last decade, students of Bible prophecy have lately become vocal about what constitutes “permissible discussion” within the limits of traditional biblical interpretation. Subjects that involve the contemporary interactions of Satan, fallen angels (nephilim), spiritual phenomena, and the connection between the powers of heaven and Earth have often been declared “off limits.”

This article attempts to show that we are now living in the times called the “last days,” or “latter days,” by the prophets and Apostles. That being the case, it can be expected that certain concealed phenomena will become increasingly visible in the times that immediately precede the seven-year period when the Lord judges the world. The discussion of formerly taboo biblical subjects must, therefore, be widened.

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The prophet Joel writes of frightening heavenly phenomena and earthly disorder “before” the Day of the Lord arrives. It seems that we are living in that period of time. Malachi says that the prophet Elijah will be sent to the spiritual leaders of Israel during this same transitional period. Upheavals will occur, including pestilence, earthquakes and numerous wars. Many believe that since Israel’s 1948 statehood, there has been a “quickening” – the increasing appearance of dark spiritual phenomena, as sinister powers in the heavens realize that the time of their earthly rule during the days of the Antichrist draws near.

The Bible makes it very clear that dark forces exert a strong influence over world affairs. The Apostle Paul often made reference to these rulers of the darkness in heavenly places. He believed that they were the real power behind the despotic governments that constitute the world system.


But for the most part, Christians of the contemporary era tend to relegate these spiritual powers to an otherworldly background role. Though most Bible-believing Christians will admit the existence of angels – either in God’s service or in Satan’s – they stop there. In the ancient world, angels were readily recognized as interacting with human beings on a daily level.



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