ALERT! Protect Your Rights: Monday, May 6th, Pandemic Preparedness Meeting

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Monday, May 6th, Richmond, Virginia Gather at 9 a.m.

Meeting Date: 05/06/2024

End Date: 05/06/2024

Meeting Time: 10:00AM

Location: Senate Room 306 / B, General Assembly Building


Dear Fellow Virginians,


Monday, May 6 at 10 a.m. the Virginia Joint Subcommittee on Pandemic Response will be meeting.  

We need people in person and online to be present at this meeting and speak to the harm that was done to Virginians across the state. We need everyone to speak. We need those who suffered because of lack of treatment, mask mandates, shot mandates, school closures, loss of jobs, closures of business because the government decided winners and losers. We need those injured by the toxic gene therapy shots to speak.  Our government kept us masked, isolated and continues to withhold ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine  from patients with Covid-19. Our medical institutions lack the basic understanding of how to even assess let alone begin treatment on those injured by the gene therapy shots.

Many relinquished their rights because of the dictatorial control of government mandates, agencies and fascist businesses. The government worked at every level to take away our freedom to speak, our freedom of religion, our right to assemble, our right to bodily autonomy and informed consent. They experimented and continue to experiment on the people of Virginia. The Virginia policy cost hundreds of millions of dollars if not billions but more importantly it destroyed lives. 

Based on this committee’s power point of December 2023, there is no evidence they are addressing the harms caused by withholding of early treatment, deaths from remdesiver, harm from gene therapy shots, masking, school closing,  lack of access to treatment, life insurance data, sudden deaths in athletes, miscarriages, still births, sudden infant death, cancer, cardiac injury, neurologic injury, blood clots, and countless other harms. 

If they are getting ready to support the World Health Organization/World Health Assembly International Pandemic Treaty and the International Health Regulations  we need to be there in full force to say, “NO!”  

We would appreciate your donation.

  • Meeting Date: 05/06/2024

  • End Date: 05/06/2024

  • Meeting Time: 10:00AM

  • Location: Senate Room 306 / B, General Assembly Building

  • Contact:

  • Notes: The Joint Subcommittee on Pandemic Response and Preparedness will meet on Monday, May 6, at 10:00 a.m. in Senate Room B, located on the third floor of the General Assembly Building. An agenda will be attached once finalized. The public may attend in person or view the livestream from the General Assembly website:

Location Information:Location Directions:Senate Room 306 / B, General Assembly Building Location Address:201 N. 9th Street Richmond Virginia 23219

Please do the following asap:

1. Call your Delegate and Senator and tell them the harm done by Virginia Pandemic Policy.

2. Call your Delegate and Senator and tell them you want no part of the draconian-Marxist pandemic rules. 

3. Call the members of the Committee. See list below. 

3. Be present at the General Assembly Building Beginning at 9 am.  Bring Signs and let all members know that we will not allow our LIBERTY to be taken away.

4. Speak for those who died because they were denied treatment.

5. Speak for those who died or were injured by the toxic gene therapy shots.

6. Speak for the children whose lives have been decimated by government lies. 

7. You cannot sit on the sidelines. Your liberty and freedom is at stake. 

8. They mandated before and they will do it again unless we STAND.

Contact information for members of the General Assembly is linked below.

Committee Members:

The Honorable Michael J. Webert- Republican

The Honorable Debra D. Gardner-Democrat

The Honorable Candi Mundon King- Democrat

The Honorable Irene Shin-Democrat

The Honorable Mark D. Sickles-Democrat

The Honorable Richard C. (Rip) Sullivan Jr.-Democrat

The Honorable Scott A. Surovell Co-chair-Democrat

The Honorable Barbara A. Favola-Democrat

The Honorable David R. Suetterlein-Republican

The Honorable Ghazala F. Hashmi-Democrat

The Honorable S. Chris Jones  An individual who owns a pharmacy

Jennifer W. Siciliano  A representative from a public hospital or health care system

Katelyn Deel A representative from the K-12 public education system

The Honorable Martha Mugler A local elected official representing an urban locality

The Honorable Caren Merrick  Secretary of Commerce and Trade

The Honorable Aimee Rogstad Guidera   Secretary of Education

The Honorable Stephen E. Cummings  Secretary of Finance

The Honorable Karen Shelton  Secretary of Health and Human Resources

The Honorable Terrance Cole  Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security

The Honorable Karl R. Hade  Executive Secretary, Supreme Court of Virginia

Please sign up for the Virginia Medical Freedom Alliance newsletter,, or continue to monitor my substack for more details over the weekend as we will continue to update you as information become available.

Sheila M. Furey, MD

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