America is Falling into Chaos: Can You Help Reverse This? Here’s How

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America is in trouble, deep trouble.  We all know this.  America is in trouble because of bad policies, bad polices come from bad worldviews, resulting from bad education.
As God’s people, we have to reverse this:  Good education, good worldview, and eventually, good policies.  But are we equipped with the right thinking to do this?  
Here is the tool to find out:  WorldViewCheckup.  This uses the PEERS Test from Nehemiah Institute.  PEERS has been used for over 30 years, by over 125,000 students and teachers, from over 1,000 schools.  PEERS is the only professionally validated worldview instrument for truly knowing if one’s worldview is biblical or not.  WorldviewCheckup also comes with professionally developed Position Papers providing scripture support for having a mature biblical worldview.  

The Virginia Christian Alliance is your  Ambassador of this service

Be sure to use discount code, AMB112, lowering the cost of PEERS and Position Papers to $15, a remarkably great value!
See other information about Nehemiah Institute and PEERS at the website.

Follow these steps:

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  1. Go to:
  2. Click the Start Here button and read about the exam (PEERS Test), then click Get Started Now.
  3. Enter your discount code AMB112  in the checkout process to get the discount.
  4. Complete the Profile section, then start the exam, total of 70 statements Read carefully, then select answer. Agree or Disagree

As soon as you finish, you will get a popup Scorecard, TOTALLY confidential. No one, not even staff at Nehemiah Institute sees individual answers or results.

Then, if you find this to be a useful tool, promote it to you congregation. All of us need a worldview checkup.


At the bottom of the Scorecard, it shows which statements were incorrectly answered identified by a red box with a “D” inside. Many of the statement numbers will be in BOLD. That means there is a professionally-developed Position Paper giving biblical instruction on why the statement should be marked Agree or Disagree. Just tap on the bold statement number to bring up the Position Paper. WorldviewCheckup is both an assessment and training program, all for around $15 with an Ambassador discount code AMB112.

Both the Scorecard and the Position Papers may be saved or printed.

The Scorecard Report also includes a list of all 70 test items for your review.

Three key benefits for doing this:

  1. You get a comprehensive Scorecard on your worldview position, by the only professionally-validated worldview measurement instrument in existence.
  2. Teaching papers written by biblical scholars (read Why Believe Nehemiah tab).
  3. You will be better equipped to engage the battle on the worldview shift in our nation.

If any questions, you may contact Nehemiah Institute at 800-948-3101.

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