Are Va Gov. McDonnell’s VP Hopes Clouding His Judgement on Pro-Life HB1?


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Does Governor McDonnell have his eyes on the V.P spot in November and is maneuvering to appease pro-choice advocates? See out cry from Virginia Christians.

Tom White: VARight: We hope not, but given the fact that Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell is often named on everyone’s short list for Vice President, and his strong support for Virginia’s anointed Republican candidate Mitt Romney, it is a question that is being raised often in Pro-life circles.

And we all know about the abortion flip-flops that Mitt Romney has made. He was for abortion before he was against it.

When it suited him politically, he was pro-abortion.511px-Bob_McDonnell_by_Gage_Skidmore

He has also been “personally” against abortion, yet supported a woman’s “right” to choose.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

And now that he wants the Republican nomination for President, Romney is pro-life.

Of course, people’s opinions evolve. But it seems a bit disingenuous when such an evolution coincides with political ambitions. At the very least it gives the impression that one will say anything to get elected. And as this is just one of many areas where Romney’s position has “evolved” to align with the most politically advantageous position befitting the office and the times.

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And it is this troubling aspect of Mitt Romney’s “evolution” that is the underlying reason he has been unable to close the deal on the Republican nomination.

And Governor McDonnell seems to be “evolving” in the mold of Romney.

No one doubts that the Governor is pro-life.

But HB1, introduced by Delegate Bob Marshall, defines “person-hood” as beginning at conception. And the lack of support on this bill on the part of McDonnell has pro-life tongues wagging and those who value the sanctity of life questioning the degree of commitment of Virginia’s Governor to the pro-life movement.

The Governor’s Spokesman Tucker Martin has said that the Governor “has significant concerns that this proposed legislation has major constitutional issues and may not withstand court scrutiny”.

However, the bill uses the exact same language as a Missouri Law that has already withstood a challenge in the US Supreme Court.

And Virginia’s Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has urged passage of the bill.

Most see the argument of “Constitutional Concerns” as spurious. The language has already passed scrutiny.

The talk “on the streets” has turned to questioning why the Governor, who ran as a pro-life Conservative, wouldn’t be working as hard as he possible could to see that this bill, which has already passed the House, is not on a fast track in the Senate.

The reason many object to abortion is that it takes an innocent human life.

And the only reason not to support a bill that states life begins at conception is if you believe the pro-abortion argument that a fetus is not human. That until a baby is born, he or she is not deserving of human rights.

So, the bottom line is, if you don’t support HB1, given that it has already been vetted as Constitutional, you are either not pro-life, or posturing for political position.

Bob McDonnell has been one of the best Governors Virginia has had. He is the most popular Governor in the nation and has a bright and promising political future, if he wants it, based on his record.

But if he is following in the footsteps of Mitt Romney and allowing political ambition to guide his moral compass, that is a shame. Romney allowed himself to slide down that slippery slope and his inability to put away the Republican nomination is a direct result of allowing his ambition to guide his decisions. And it is difficult to walk that back.

Bob McDonnell is at a crossroad. So far, he has been served well by staying on message and keeping his focus on what is right and just. And the politics has taken care of itself.

HB1 is right, just and a necessary step in defining the moment when God’s miracle of life begins. I would urge Governor McDonnell to look beyond what may seem the path to greater personal achievement and take the path of life.

Following the path of self-ambition is a dead end.

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