Are We an Empire of Woke? Where is the church and an obedient People?

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Jeff Toler | Shenandoah Christian Alliance

It would be interesting to see how many Americans know the Woke Progressive Flag was flying at the American embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan during the military withdrawal from there. Or, for that matter, how many know that same flag flies over embassies all over the world, and most Federal buildings in America? What is the “rainbow flag” as it is called, and what does it represent?

It can be said, the rainbow flag represents an empire of sorts—an ideological empire. Some people consider it a replacement for the American flag, which ironically, does not symbolize an empire, but rather a sovereign nation—nothing less than the greatest republic ever conceived by man.

How is it even possible that this flag appears in our public buildings?

After all, it is not the result of an act of Congress. Nor is there any public polling favoring this idea. It seems the flag just began to appear overnight, and without any fanfare or public disclosure. Indeed, there is no mention of the pride flag found in the Federal register. This last point is very important. So, what significance do these flags—and the ideology it represents—possess to warrant display on Federal property? A lot. This flag has everything to do with a determined worldview that demands consensus and acceptance for their display. It is even replacing the American flag in classrooms.

It is a phenomenon really—an astonishing, even bewildering development. Because it is the emblem of an ideology that has managed to overwhelm every essential tenet for generations of traditional constraint. Why is the Woke Progressive Flag, often referred to as “The Rainbow Flag,” so important to being woke?

The flag’s design is indeed based on a rainbow. Make no mistake in thinking this is a coincidence. The design is a purposefully flagrant misappropriation of God’s symbol of restraint from destroying humanity, and His promise that the biblical flood judgement will never happen again. The use of the rainbow is intended to subvert the God of creation and His promises.

So, what does Woke mean, and where did the word come from?

The term “woke” first entered the American lexicon of the English language in the late 1940s. Black Americans, still subject to the heavy-handed discrimination of the Jim Crow era, began to encourage their brothers to “stay woke” and not submit to racial bigotry. 

Black Americans in their ongoing fight against racism and social injustice have used the term “woke” at key moments in history.

“In literal terms, being woke refers to being awake and not asleep. One Urban Dictionary contributor defines woke as ‘being aware of the truth behind things the man doesn’t want you to know’. Meanwhile, a concurrent definition signals a shift in meaning to the act of being very pretentious about how much you care about a social issue”.

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“The Oxford dictionary expanded its definition of the word ‘woke’ in 2017 to add it as an adjective meaning ‘alert to injustice in society, especially racism’”.

“In the 1942 first volume of Negro Digest, J. Saunders Redding used the term in an article about labor unions. Twenty years later, a 1962 New York Times article was titled: If You’re Woke You Dig It: No mickey mouse can be expected to follow today’s Negro idiom without a hip assist.” (From

After many years, following a few cases of misappropriation, “Woke” gained new coinage, and universal usage, following the shootings of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown that resulted in mass riots. We now know the riots were inspired by a new Marxist organization called Black Lives Matter.

The real issue with the term “woke” is the notion that it represents a response to injustice, oppression, hatred, and even the idea that police officers—white police officers in particular—are racist oppressors. Anyone who takes issue with the merits of these accusations is, by these new definitions, guilty of racism.

Racism is at the heart of almost every issue that divides America, because being accused of racism has assumed a stigma that allows for no reasonable defense. If you’re not woke, you’re assumed to be a racist. In fact, A racist is anyone who is not an anti-racist. This definition is critical for understanding that being woke is the requirement for social relevancy and acceptance. Among the Corporate Oligarchy, woke has become another marketing tool, even at the risk of alienating large swaths of their customer base. Woke may sound innocuous, but is very dangerous, and even deadly. In an age of mass psychosis, woke is an epithet to some, and an enigma for many. The result is hugely divisive. So much so that America is losing its status as a once great nation, esteemed for its acceptance of diversity. Woke is a part of the decline that has led to the end of America’s pre-eminence in the world. Woke is now an important word in the vocabulary of defeat.

America is at war with itself owing to a cultural hegemony that assumes the following: If you tick any of the boxes of being white, male, cis-gendered, able-bodied, and native-born, you are considered an oppressor. Everyone who is not any of those traits is a victim of Cultural Hegemony. Indeed, they are woke.

Woke is one part of an age old struggle that began with critical theory, then moved into Marxism. In time, like all of the deceptions Marxism employs, from Darwinism to feminism, social justice to psychiatry, woke is a simple word with a twisted redefinition by a very determined enemy of God and man. It should not be a part of any believer’s vocabulary.

  • Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. (Galatians 6:7)
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