Are We Finally Pushing Back? When Church and State can Agree

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Jeff Toler | Shenandoah Christian Alliance

The state of Texas has created quite a kerfuffle, as it were, with the passage of two rather controversial new pieces of legislation.

One has to do with the protection of honesty, the other with the protection of life.

Even for the most ambivalent observer, it would seem there shouldn’t have to be any controversy. Of course, that observer would have to be over the age of sixty, when these topics were not up for serious debate. Even in the sixties, when the real descent into madness began, the right to be born, and the mandate to be honest were not really controversial to any serious degree. Oh, how we long for the good old days!

This week and beyond—for a while anyway, the discussion is about the Texas Senate’s SB 1, and SB 3. Both are already being challenged by the Democratic Party, and more specifically, the White House. In the blink of an eye, the White House has responded with law suits, and challenges. After all, they can’t allow this kind of “nonsense” get in the way of controlling the voting population. 

Andrew Klavan gave a really amusing, albeit cynical, assessment in his opening to his September 11 episode of “The Andrew Klavan Show”—available on Apple Podcast, and other outlets—produced by the Daily Wire. He opens with, “The Democrats, and Satan, are working together to try to overturn Texas’ new anti-abortion law.” Then he says, “The part about Satan and the Democrats is actually true. Democrats are in a panic about the Texas law that bans abortion after a baby’s heartbeat can be detected.” He’s right of course. Without the presence of a satanic influence, there is really no way to explain this slow drip of existential destruction.

  • [Edit: Andrew Klavan born July 13, 1954, is an American writer of crime and suspense novels. Klavan has been nominated for the Edgar Award five times and has won twice. Klavan has also worked in film and as an essayist and video satirist.]

His acerbic comments though, are very insightful, albeit facetious. Using his perspective, how is it that a political party can be so openly and virulently hostile to either life or honesty, absent some kind of demonic agenda? Why else do so many liberal leftists (or is that leftist liberals?) evince such a monstrous cruelty toward children? (Not to mention honesty)

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The only way to understand it is to study history. Not history as it is now taught today, but the history found in textbooks, magazines, newspapers—even the movies—of just two generations ago.

The change began in earnest in the 60s. Oh, what hath baby-boomers wrought?

In our regular weekly email broadcasts, we have linked to a copy of Virginia’s “Model Policies” guidelines for transgendered students, among other policies. If you haven’t read it—and only when you have the stomach for it—you will see how deeply entrenched in spiritual battle with God and nature, the commonwealth of Virginia has become. There is a reason the leftist—also known as the Marxist—gravitates toward using children as objects of sacrifice. At the heart of Marxism lies a belief system that is very selfish. For them, the true liberty found only in the family and community cannot be apprehended, and so ultimately has no affinity with it. And so, there is no community, only demographics. There is no family, only the state. It is unprincipled dogma. Child sacrifice is performed not by fathers, but by the state, who must replace the father.

For decades human psychology was defined as, “A discourse or treatise on the human soul; or the doctrine of the nature and properties of the soul.” But Marxism deploys a weapon of mass destruction against the human race called “modern psychology.” Modern psychology has nothing to do with the soul. It is without soul. Like Satan, the father of lies, Marxism is very accomplished at disguise. If our children can manage to survive birth, Most Marxist thought leaders of the Democratic Party will systematically destroy our children when they are adults.

It’s been said that the most dangerous place for a child to be in America right now, is in his mother’s womb. Easily, the next most dangerous place is in the classroom.

Just this week, SCA features a story from Jonathan Butcher, “Math, Science, Racism, and the Public Schools.” Writing for The Heritage Foundation, Butcher reveals how educators are introducing the devastating concept of Critical Race Theory into math and science curriculum. Even the hard sciences are subject to ideology. 

Some will say that the Marxist has achieved total success in his mission to conquer Western Civilization. If this is true, then the only available option left for the confessing Christian is to offer to our Lord and Savior, the things He holds dear: our lives, our families, and our children. God will judge this country, along with all the nations of the world one day.

America may, or may not, be in free fall today. If so, how will that will actually end? At best, we have only possible scenarios, because the Bible makes no mention of America in any way. But what if instead, God was preparing America for revival—a revival unlike any other in all of history? In such a time, the events we see today will lead to amazing victory—and glory to God! It is written, “Dear children, this is the last hour; and as you have heard that the antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have come.” (1 John 2:18-28) Maybe the antichrist is not who (and where) we think he is. 

Christians must know the difference from counterfeit—the antichrists—and the Truth. The Truth will not divide us. The truth will not make us fearful. The Truth loves our children, and would never allow us to sacrifice them.

Can we simply sit and watch the counterfeits operate and say nothing, much less do nothing, any longer?

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