Briefing and Pastors Summit on Thursday, August 8

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Thursday August 8

The Foundation for American Christian Education (FACE), with the Virginia Watchmen Council are pleased to bring you the following Briefing and Pastors Summit on Thursday, August 8 from 9:30 AM to 3:00 PM at FACE Headquarters in Cheseapeake, Virginia. FACE is located at 4225 Portsmouth Blvd, Ste B, Cheseapeake, Virginia 23321.

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The agenda for the event follows.


Event Agenda

09:30 AM Meet & Greet and Refreshments  
09:45 AM Welcome & Introductions Dr. Carole Adams, President & Master of Ceremonies
10:00 AM Short Tour of FACE Library, Presentation on the Mission and Vision Plan for the Principle Approach Dr. Carole Adams & Carey Woodruff, Executive Vice-President
11:00 AM “History of the PEERS Test & the Significance of Biblical Reasoning to Politics, Education, Economics, Religion & the Civil Society “ Dan Smithwick, President of the Nehemiah Institute & Author of the PEERS Test
11:45 AM Lunch (Q & A) Dan Smithwick
12:15 PM “How Socialism threatens Christians, Pastors and the Church & what you can do about it.” Dr. Max Lyons, Author & Director of FACE Teaching Services
01:00 PM Brief Introduction of Watchmen on the Wall, the Virginia Watchmen Council, and “Five Biblical Mandates for Restoring Righteousness in Government” Rev. Michael Hirsch, Virginia Watchmen Council Chairman
01:25 PM “Revolutionary Pulpits: The Last Hope of A Dying Republic” Rev. Bill Cook, Northern Virginia Watchmen Council Chairman, Founder & CEO, America’s Black Robe Regiment
02:00 PM Round Table Discussion Dr. Carole Adams, Carey Woodruff, Dan Smithwick, Dr. Max Lyons, Rev. Michael Hirsch, Rev. Bill Cook
02:20 PM Tour of StoneBridge School, National Demonstration School for the Principle Approach Methodology Dr. Carole Adams, Carey Woodruff, Dan Smithwick, Dr. Max Lyons, Rev. Michael Hirsch, Rev. Bill Cook
03:00 PM Close in Prayer & Adjourn  
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