Christians: Stand with Philip Zodhiates | See his interview on The Schilling Show

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Paying the price for doing right

I am calling on all Christians to stand with Philip Zodhiates and others in their fight against evil!

It has been a long while since I have reported on the Jenkins vs. the World (not literally, but it seems that way) lawsuit, which is an extension of Jenkins vs. Miller. Recall Lisa Miller left the country with her daughter because of sexual abuse occurring during court-ordered visitation of her daughter with her former lesbian partner. Two Mennonite pastors and a Christian business-man in addition to Lisa have already served their jail/prison sentences for this “crime.”

After the criminal side the case was adjudicated, Janet Jenkins filed a civil lawsuit claiming that these folks and others alienated her from her “daughter.” The case is finally going to trial September 1.

Jenkins’ lawyers are the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and their goal is to make pedophilia legal across the nation.  Philip Zodhiates (one of the defendants) listened to Lisa Miller’s deposition and has said it is obvious that this is SPLC’s purpose in all this.

We would appreciate your donation.

Will you stand with Philip and the others against this evil and donate $35.00 to meet the most pressing need for attorney’s fees and expert witnesses?  If each of you – the recipients of this MailChimp communication – donates $35.00, we can meet our goal.

The following is an interview which Philip gave recently.

Philip Zodhiates interview on The Schilling Show

By Schilling Show

Philip Zodhiates shared his harrowing story of being prosecuted and jailed simply for following his Christian faith, on the February 1, 2024 edition of The Schilling Show.

In this exclusive interview, Zodhiates describes how he became involved in helping Lisa Miller and her daughter, Isabella, escape from a situation wherein Isabella was being sexually abused. As a result of assisting Miller, Zodhiates was charged, convicted, and served a three-year sentence.

Philip Zodhiates has described the experience in-depth in his new book, Innocent: The Price One Man Paid for Doing What is Right

Zodhiates remains in a legal quagmire and is facing a civil suit related to this case. His legal fund is accepting donations, here:





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