Letter to the American Church: Documentary, with Interview

letter to the American church

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A Film Adaptation Of The Best Selling Book

A film adaptation of the best-selling book, “Letter to the American Church” written by Eric Metaxas.  The film lays out the parallels between early 1930’s Nazi Germany and other totalitarian regimes with what is happening in America today and how the church has been mostly silent facing this evil.  Eric and several leading conservative voices of today, explain how cultural Marxism has taken over America, including the church.

This film is a wake-up call to the church to stand up and speak out against the evil that is manifesting in our country.

Our cast gives practical examples on how to take action and turn our country back to freedom, liberty, and ultimately, God Himself.



INTERVIEW | John Amanchukwu | Letter to the American Church

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John Amanchukwu shares an update on his work and his message in Letter to the American Church.


From New York Times best-selling author Eric Metaxas comes a riveting new film challenging audiences to take a stand, speak out, and take action in the face of evil. “Letter to the American Church” is a documentary adaptation of Metaxas latest book of the same name.
Eric guides audiences through the striking similarities between the church in Hitler’s early 1930’s Nazi Germany, the political regimes of Mao and Stalin, and modern day America and her church. The historical and present parallels are unavoidable and grim.
One man bravely and boldly spoke up in 1933 to warn the German church of the impending doom from the Nazi regime. His name was Dietrich Bonhoeffer. The majority of the church of his time chose not to listen or take action, therefore Hitler continued his reign of terror, death, and destruction. For the last 100 years, Marxism and communism has continued to evolve and spread throughout nations, slowly and silently infiltrating America.
Join Eric along with Charlie Kirk, Dr. James Lindsey, John Amanchukwu, David Engelhardt, Rob McCoy, Seth Gruber, Victor and Eileen Marx and other leading voices in a movement that is sounding the alarm to a sleeping American church and God’s people everywhere.
Metaxas delivers a chilling clarion call to the Body of Christ to be modern day “Bonhoeffers”. If the church does not wake up from her slumber to clearly understand Marxist doctrine, the tactics that are used to manipulate her into compliance with it, the national and international leaders and corporations who are promoting it, and which direction America is headed in, we will most certainly experience the same fate of previous totalitarian regimes.
Audiences will see that silence in the face of evil is itself evil. Metaxas and his colleagues agree that this is the hour of the American church.
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