Democrats Demand Open Borders for the Coronavirus

President Trump discusses border security with CBP Commissioner McAleenan, Acting Border Patrol Chief Provost, and San Diego Border Patrol Sector Chief Patrol Agent Scott during a visit to the border wall prototypes and mockups. DHS photo by Jetta Disco

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President Trump discusses border security with CBP Commissioner McAleenan, Acting Border Patrol Chief Provost, and San Diego Border Patrol Sector Chief Patrol Agent Scott during a visit to the border wall prototypes and mockups. DHS photo by Jetta Disco

Daniel Greenfield | FrontPageMag

Their only hope for victory is infecting America.

Over 90 Chinese migrants were caught by the Border Patrol trying to enter the United States this year.

According to Brandon Judd, the president of the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC), on February 10, three Chinese nationals were apprehended illegally entering Texas with flu-like symptoms, and had to be quarantined. “Luckily they did not have the coronavirus,” he said. “But this is a wake-up call.”

Border Patrol personnel have been handed respirators and told to isolate the large number of Chinese migrants who are continuing to illegally enter the United States.

According to Todd Bensman of the Middle East Forum, his source in the Border Patrol told him that, “What we cannot ascertain is if they are isolated until they come back negative. A lot of that is ‘medical’ and some managers treat it like it’s personal information. So we are not privy to the results of where they go after.”

We know that some of the CDC test kits meant to detect the coronavirus were flawed. It’s possible that migrants carrying the coronavirus have not been properly detected and may be spreading it even now.

Illegal migration from China through the Mexican border rose significantly toward the end of last year, increasing fivefold from October to the end of January, compared to the entire previous fiscal year.

And those are the migrants that the Border Patrol had successfully intercepted. There’s no way to know how many got through. The human smugglers are clever and determined. And anyone who is infected might be desperate enough to try to enter the United States in search of superior medical care.

A few months ago, Border Patrol officers intercepted eleven Chinese migrants at the border hiding inside a washing machine, and a dresser, along with other pieces of furniture inside a moving truck. A month earlier, six Chinese migrants had been caught hiding inside the fake wall of another truck.

And it’s not just by land. In December, a boat tried to smuggle two Chinese nationals into California.

It’s also not just China. As the coronavirus spreads to other countries, outbreaks are popping up in South Korea and Iran. The expansion of the scope of the outbreak means that migrants from more countries pose a potentially deadly risk. The first coronavirus case has just emerged in Latin America.

It’s unlikely that it will be the last.

California is already monitoring 8,400 people for the coronavirus, with 33 known cases, including one that occurred among the general public, resulting in the quarantine of 100 health care workers.

The last thing that the border states need are infected illegal aliens coming through, blending into the population, and spreading the disease to health care workers, and in poor neighborhoods.

But that’s exactly what the Democrats seem to want.

Senator Elizabeth Warren announced that she was introducing a plan to redirect money from the border wall to fighting the coronavirus. Rarely has there been so literal an example of drilling a hole in the boat and then bailing water faster. And while Warren is an extreme case, every Democrat 2020 candidate wants to dismantle border security and enable the rapid entry of migrants into the United States.

That means putting Americans at risk, not just at the border, but also at airports and seaports.

Warren had called for replacing ICE with “something that reflects our values” and infects us with their diseases.  Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Mayor Bill de Blasio have called for abolishing ICE. Senator Bernie Sanders, as the most radical candidate, wants to abolish ICE, CBP, and stop deportations.

Bernie’s call to abolish the Border Patrol would create open borders for drug cartels, smugglers, murderers, rapists, and any migrants infected with the coronavirus, not to mention other diseases.

Sanders, Steyer, Bloomberg, and Warren all oppose any further border fencing. But Sanders has gone the furthest by essentially calling for an end to immigration enforcement. “Immigration is not a threat to national security,” he insists. The coronavirus once again demonstrates that’s a dangerous delusion.

Imagining a world without borders is also envisioning a world of defenseless nations and peoples. Borders are the immune system of nations. Without an immune system, the body cannot survive. And without borders, a nation cannot exist. Illegal migration is a disease attacking our national body. The Democrats who champion open borders and attack CBP are the disease destroying our immunity.

Border security is the cure.

As nations around the world rally to secure their borders against coronavirus migrants, the Democrats still insist on chanting the mantra of open borders. At the Democrat debate in South Carolina, Senator Amy Klobuchar refused to say that she would close the border to stop the spread of the virus.

None of the CBS moderators asked the candidates about using border security to stop infected aliens.

And none of the Democrats mentioned border security, instead pivoting to calls for more funding. Like Warren, they want to drill a bunch of holes in the boat, and then spend money to bail out the water.

President Trump had asked for $2.5 billion in coronavirus funding. The Democrats want as much as $8.5 billion, with Senator Schumer demanding a $2 billion piggy bank for the states and cities to raid.

Meanwhile those same politicians are determined to starve CBP of the funds it desperately needs. They would rather plow endless billions into an emergency that their own dereliction of duty created than spend a lot less to prevent the spread of the coronavirus to the United States in the first place.

The cynical truth behind this gambit is that funneling money into health organizations builds up the political organizations and infrastructure of the Democrats, while border security is Republican.

The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE), which represents NIH personnel, among many others in the gargantuan portfolio of the country’s largest federal union, endorsed Hillary Clinton. Meanwhile the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC), which is a subsidiary of the mega-union, endorsed Donald J. Trump. As did the ICE Council.

When replying to AFGE’s questionnaire about overtime pay for ICE and Border Patrol personnel, Senator Elizabeth Warren instead ranted that she would destroy ICE and CPB and focus on stopping counterfeit goods. Democrats, like Warren, care more about protecting fashion brands than stopping a pandemic.

They care more about protecting their political power through open borders than protecting Americans.

Even as the Democrats and their media allies whip up a panic and attempt to blame the coronavirus on President Trump, they continue undermining our front line of defense and our national security.

The Democrats want open borders for drug cartels, human traffickers, and the coronavirus. And if the outbreak and its financial repercussions improves their political prospects, then it’s a win-win situation.

When the coronavirus spreads, when our economy shakes, then the Democrats win.

And that’s how the Democrats became the party of the coronavirus. Their political future is tied to the disease. They’re attacking our immune system because their only hope for victory is infecting America.

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