Digging for Truth-Episode 18: Noah’s Flood: A Worldwide Catastrophe (Part One)

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Henry Smith and Dr. Andrew Snelling | Associates for Biblical Research

Join co-host Henry Smith as he interviews geologist Dr. Andrew Snelling.

In part one, we discuss the extent and nature of the Flood and the eruption of Mt. St. Helens as a microcosm of what happened in the year of the Genesis Flood at the time of Noah.

Dr. Andrew Snelling holds a PhD in geology from the University of Sydney, Australia. He serves as Answers in Genesis’ Director of Research and is the Editor-in-Chief of the online Answers Research Journal. Dr. Snelling is active in research and writes and also speaks on topics such as the Flood, fossils, and the Grand Canyon.

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Dr. Snelling’s articles appear on Answers in Genesis and one of his most recent ones is When Continents Collide, When geologists assume the earth changes slowly, they overlook astonishing evidence of Noah’s global Flood.

SOURCE: Associates for Bible Research


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